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Thread: James-Paul - Season 1

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    James-Paul - Season 1

    Season 1 Contestant

    When he was just eight years old, James-Paul knew he was destined to be a fashion designer. After earning his associates degree at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, James-Paul moved to London where he could relate to other unconventional thinkers in the fashion industry. While attending London South Bank University and American Intercontinental University, London, he was inspired by the 1920's Bauhaus movement. James-Paul utilizes the patterns of Bauhaus to create clothes with simplified geometric pieces. After finishing his two Bachelor Degrees in Women’s Wear, James-Paul found a home for his radical approach at the Vivienne Westwood studios, where he was pushed to break the rules and make garments that couldn’t be found in pattern books. He cites an appetite for experimentation as the most important trait for any aspiring designer. James-Paul is currently developing a post-colonialist approach through fabrication and silhouette. When asked what his secret weapon is in the competition, James-Paul's answers: "my brain."

    Link to Season 1 Bios at BravoTV.com

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    Re: James-Paul - Season 1

    Interesting outfit.

    Just interesting...
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    Re: James-Paul - Season 1

    I am trying to figure out what he is trying to say about himself with that outfit. It must be something as this is the outfit he chose to introduce himself with.

    So, he is wearing a tartan hat and pantaloons made of suit material. And each of his sleeves has its own cape? Hmmmm... "Post-colonial"????

    I hate the Bauhaus movement, pretty much totally.

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    Re: James-Paul - Season 1

    Buddy SERIOUSLY needs a dermotoligist, Proactiv, or SOMETHING!
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