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Thread: Laura Dawson - Season 1

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    Laura Dawson - Season 1

    Laura Dawson
    Season 1 Contestant

    Laura Dawson graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning with a degree in Fashion Design. Before establishing her own line, Laura worked for Donna Karan’s Urban Zen and As Four. She has styled and designed for Moby, The Scissor Sisters, The Brazilian Girls, Yelle, and renowned photographer Richard Avedon. Her focus is now directed towards her own designs which features a signature quirky style fused with innovation. Laura's fashion philosophy, in her own words, is that “beauty, after all, requires playfulness.” She approaches her collection with the theory that she is "making toys for life, in a game that one never has to stop playing." Her unique vision focuses on using sustainable materials, organic sources, fair trade, and tree-focused carbon offset programs.

    Link to Season 1 Bios at BravoTV.com
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    Re: Laura Dawson - Season 1

    Pretty much LOVE her whole outfit. Love the shoes, the dress, the necklace....not so excited about the hair or the lipstick color.

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    Re: Laura Dawson - Season 1

    I can pretty much deal with everything from the hem of the dress, up.

    However, those hose with those shoes are just NOT working, for me.

    Give me one, or the other, but NOT together, please!

    Love the shoes!
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