Fans Of Reality TV FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Hot-linking and article posting

We don't allow "hot-linking" images from other sites. If you'd like to re-post a picture here, please save it and upload it to one of many free image hosting sites, such as Photopost or Photobucket. Then link it from there. Hotlinking uses bandwidth from other sites that may have to pay for heavy use, and it's bad internet etiquette. And if you post a picture from FORT on another site, please do the same thing, and don't hot-link it directly from here.

Also, please note if you're NOT using a free image host, but your own personal webspace, please make sure you note that in your post. We don't know what your personal site is. You have to tell us, in the post, to avoid an infraction for hot-linking.

Please do not post tagged pictures. Please crop the picture to remove the tag or if that's not possible , please find an untagged version to post. Please do not give credit to the person or site who posted the original picture. An exception to the tagged picture rule is Dreamer who has kindly allowed us to post screen caps that she hosts.

Please do not include more than ten pictures or avatars in any one post. Some people are on dial up and it takes an age for posts with lots of images to load.

We only allow articles to be posted from "official" news sources. This does not include other fan-sites, other TV boards, etc. If you do post an article from a real source, we must ask that you include a link to the original source. Please do not cut and paste posts from other reality sites or fan sites. If you read something at another site that you think will add to the discussion here, please paraphrase the post, do not cut and paste it here. The post will be removed and an infraction will likely be issued.

The Basics

In case you need the basics, here they are:

1) We want an intelligent, respectful member base.

2) No flaming, no baiting, no insults directed toward anyone other than contestants. Do not accuse others of "hating", call them "haters" or refer to disliking of anything as "hate'. It's far too strong a term to use on a reality tv website.

3) No discussions of racism, sexism, ageism, or any other ism.

4) Keep it PG-13. That means that "damn", "ass", "bitch" and "bastard" are acceptable, but anything beyond that is not and will be edited or removed.

5) The mods are the people in red. They are in charge of the site, and ONLY they are in charge of the site. If your name's not red, and you see something that violates our rules, you need to use the "Report Post" function (the little triangle sign under someone's avatar), or private message someone in red.

6) Add something of value to a thread, if you're going to post. Don't quote a whole post only to add "yeah that" or "I agree". Please do not post messages containing only smilies. Don't bother posting "so-and-so is soooo hawt!". These posts will be removed without notice.

7) Don't start a thread if another thread on the first three pages of a forum is similar and can be used instead. When you DO start a thread, make sure it's in the correct forum.

8) We have very little tolerance for people who use lingo, don't use proper English, type in all-capital letters, type in all-bold characters, or use excessive smilies.

9) Utilize our "Show Discussion" threads for discussions of that evening's shows, and don't start new threads to discuss what happened on that night's show, even if the night is over.

10) Our recaps are written by our wonderful writers (whose names appear in blue). It is impolite to use the recap threads to discuss the show--use the Show Discussion thread for show discussion. While you are free to disagree with the sentiments of the recapper, just as with basic rules for posting courtesy, it is inappropriate to post rude or baiting comments about the recap. If you catch a mistake in a recap, please consider common courtesy and alert the writer privately, not in the recap thread. Our writers work extremely hard in a volunteer position, so rudeness to them or attempts to "show them up" will not be tolerated.

11) Read our other rules. We expect our members to be familiar with them, and follow them, and don't expect "ignorance of the rules" as an excuse. Some sites have rules and don't enforce them - we're not one of them. Play nice, be good, and have fun.

Our policy on flaming/baiting/insults

We do not allow flaming, baiting, or insults of other members of our site. We enforce this rule strictly.

Contestants of a reality show, having voluntarily agreed to appear on our televisions, are open for criticism and praise, and everything in between, assuming it falls within the bounds of the rest of our rules.

You don't have to agree with another member's opinion, but you DO have to respect it, and realize that it IS just an opinion, which may differ greatly from your own. Do not use the term "haters", refer to dislike of something as "hate". Please do not take it upon yourself to direct the discussion of a thread away from a topic you don't consider relevant. As long as people remain within our other rules they are allowed to discuss almost anything about a contestant in their dedicated thread. If you think a post crosses a line of being too off-topic please report the post, do not tell people to e.g. "get back to discussing the show."

Along the same lines, comments like "you must be deaf if you don't hear what I hear", "anyone who doesn't agree is an idiot", and so on are not acceptable. Additionally, we don't like the term "haters", because everyone is allowed to like or dislike anyone they choose, for whatever reason they choose. Practice the golden rule, and treat others like you would want to be treated.

Our contestant threads are NOT specifically for "only good comments" regarding that contestant. They are for discussion of that contestant, both good and bad. We are not a fan-site for any one contestant, or any one show.

Members who are flaming, baiting, or insulting other members will be removed from the site. And a special note here: if you ARE a contestant on a reality show, and you choose to visit our site, then you will be required to obey these same rules, and not insult our members for commenting on the characters on a TV show. We expect everyone to play nice.

The use of "Lingo"

We do not allow members to use "lingo" on our site. Please take a few extra moments to type out words such as "anyone" and "your". Excessive use of lingo may result in your posts being deleted, and in extreme cases, temporary banning from the site. We've added an example "lingo list" HERE.

PG-13 Site Guidelines

We are, by choice, a PG-13 site. We do not allow foul language, graphic discussions, images with nudity, etc. Members are expected to self-moderate themselves within these guidelines. Moderators may edit your post if something is over the line.

Unacceptable member names will be removed as well.

Some forums, and some threads within other forums, may be of a more adult nature simply because of the content being discussed. Those forums will not have warnings attached, but should be fairly obvious.

Even though we are a PG-13 site, our membership is geared toward adults. We take absolutely no responsibility for keeping tabs on your children, and what they may or may not be reading or posting.

What is a "Spoiler"?

In our television show forums, each night a show is broadcast, we will create a "Show Discussion" thread, which is clearly marked with **Spoilers** in the thread title.

The term "spoiler" means ANYTHING that happens on that the show that might ruin it for others who haven't seen it yet. Anything from what the contestants are wearing, to who was eliminated, and everything in between.

We ask our members not to post in any other threads but the Show Discussion thread, until after midnight Eastern time (9pm Pacific), anything about that night's show.

Posts in other threads, or new threads, will be removed without notice. We may also put members on a 1-day ban from the site if multiple posts are made.

We enforce this rule VERY strictly. Please save us the time and trouble, and yourself the time, by observing this rule.

If you're posting "inside information", please do not put that information in the thread title, and add **Spoilers** to your thread title line, to keep people who don't want to know out of your thread.

We always consider bettings odds to be spoilers, even if they are for shows where the public votes for the winner. Please make sure to post betting odds in clearly marked spoiler threads or use spoiler tags.

Additionally, we will set up threads in some forums to discuss spoilers for future episodes. We expect people to make sure they post and discuss only spoilers in these threads. If you post in a contestant's marked spoiler thread to say you like that contestant, hope he/she wins etc. then your post is in the wrong thread and will be removed without notice. Please do not make more work for the mods by then asking in the thread where your post has gone or referring to deleted posts.

We consider information from sources other than the show itself to be spoilers. Events detailed in the preview at the end of the show would not be considered spoilers after the show has aired on both coasts. Information from other websites, magazines, newspapers etc is considered spoiler information.

Use The Correct Forum/Thread

We have many different forums - one for generally each show on TV, and then forums for Music, Movies, Books, Site Announcements, and General Discussion.

We ask that you keep discussions related to the forum you're posting in. Please don't post a "Hi, I'm New!" in the American Idol forum - post it in the Introduce Yourself thread in the Announcements forum. And so on.

Before starting a new thread please do a search of the forum to make sure there isn't an existing thread that your comment should logically be posted in. In addition to this, please keep personal conversations (between 2 people, and of no concern to anyone else) confined to our Private Messaging system. To use it, just click the PM button under any member's post. It's like e-mail, but just on the site, and it's secure and private.

Posting the Same Message in Multiple Threads

Please do not post the same messages in multiple threads. Use the search facility to see if there is an existing thread in which your message should be posted, if not start a new thread, but please do not post the message more than once.

Black Text Only - Please.

Since we have introduced our new colour schemes to allow members to pick their choice of backgrounds, it is important for all of the text in posts be in black (rather than colour font), as other colours are difficult to read in many of the colour schemes. It has become necessary to ask that people post their messages in black text only. Most of you already do, so this will impact very few users. You may still complete your sig line in whatever colour text you choose, as long as you are aware that people utilizing certain schemes may not be able to read your signature line if it is in a colour other than black.

Signing your posts

We ask that you donít sign your posts with your name or anything else. Posters will know who wrote the post because itís next to your name. Signing your post just takes up space and is a bit annoying at best. Youíre welcome to add a signature line to your profile, although we ask that it not be your name.

How do I become a Mod / Writer / Forum Assistant?

Our Moderators are hand-picked from our members, and almost always based on our need, the member's posting style and length of time at the site. We choose our moderators carefully, and they have authority over all of the forums at the site.

In addition to the Moderators, there are a number of members who are either Forum Assistants or Writers who are charged with the responsibility to monitor specific forums and assist the Moderators with posts and member issues in such forums. Forum Assistants and Writers with responsibility over a specific forum will have the ability to delete, edit, or merge posts or threads, under the supervision of the Moderators.

Members are still encouraged to use the "Report the Post" function if they see a problem post. Forum Assistants and Writers are volunteering their time to help facilitate the quality of discussion that we have all come to appreciate at the FORT by being in more places at more times than is possible for the Moderators given the size and popularity of the FORT.

Our Writers and Forum Assistants are also hand-picked from our members, using pretty much the same criteria and reviewing Reported Posts to see which members are helping us monitor the site. We don't accept offers to recap, and we definitely won't bring on anyone who we don't know for at least a little while, so we can get a feeling as to their writing style.

When we've identified both a need and a person who we think might fill that need, we will privately ask them if they're interested, and for potential writers to provide a sample work for moderator review.

Moderators will always appear with their name in red, bold-faced type. Writers will always appear with their name in blue, bold-faced type. Forum Assistants will always appear with their name in orange. We are working to provide a list of the Writers and Forum Assistants with responsibilities, and hope to make this list available in each forum.

Signature Line Restrictions

The following rules apply to all user signatures:

1) The maximum font size allowed in signature lines is 3

2) NO IMAGES ALLOWED in signature lines, except for a maximum of 2 FORT smilies.

3) Sig line text should comply with our regular posting rules. PG-13, no all-caps, no alternating caps, etc.

4) Sig text that is too long or obtrusive will be removed.

5) Sig lines with just your name will be removed. User names are on the left of every post, there's no need to have it in your signature, too.

If your sig line is in violation of any of these new rules, the moderators will remove it, without notice. It will be your responsibility to choose another sig line that meets the rules, if you wish to have one.

If you have any questions as to whether something is acceptable, please PM one of the moderators.

Our policy on multiple accounts

We do not allow multiple accounts for the same person, except under specific circumstances and approved by our staff in advance.

If you are the owner of multiple accounts, we will remove duplicates, regardless of post count, and usually without consultation with you. We will evaluate the situation and may leave one account remaining or may decide to permanently ban all accounts.

If you are banned for a period of time, and you re-register to circumvent the ban, we will remove all accounts and ban your IP address. The time-period ban is a "cooling down" period, enforced by our staff, and if you can't take a day or two away from the site without re-registering, we don't want you here at all.

About Reality TV and Editing

Yes, we all know "reality TV" isn't reality. You aren't telling us anything new. The term "reality TV" refers specifically to unscripted, non-professional actors. And even "unscripted" doesn't mean the producers didn't suggest things.

We also realize the shows we see are heavily edited, for both entertainment purposes and to give a "storyline" to the shows and each person on it. On this site, we enjoy the show for the entertainment value. We don't really care what really happened behind the scenes. Although interesting, it's not really that important.

How can I get on a show?

Simple answer: we don't know. If a show publishes a casting call, we will post it for our members. If it's not on our site, we have no further information.

The staff of this site has no connection to any television shows or networks, other than being fans and the occasional interview. We cannot help you get on a show, send you applications, tell you what needs to be on your video for you to be picked, or help you in any way.

If a show is on TV, you can't get on it - unless you own a time machine. We get a ton of e-mails asking "how I can I get on XXXX?" when the show is halfway over already. Casting was done months ago, and you can't get on it.

Downloading episodes and on-line content

Broadcast shows, believe it or not, are copyrighted material. We at Fans of Reality TV adhere to that reality, and, therefore, we do not condone or allow the downloading of episodes off the internet, an FTP location, another site, or using one of the popular file-sharing utilities out there.

If you want to send someone a tape, you may do so at cost for shipping and materials. You may not direct someone to a location on-line where they may download the episode, and you may not sell those tapes for profit on our site, even privately.

If we receive reports that a member is soliciting profit for tapes, we will take appropriate action, up to and including removal from our site. It's illegal, and we won't allow it on our site.

Torrents of episodes are ILLEGAL, and you will get an infraction for asking for them or giving our members information on where to find them.

We have recently changed our policy to allow links to youtube and other similar sites. You must not link to non-pg13 clips. Although we work hard to ensure the language at our site is pg13, users clicking links to youtube clips must bear in mind there is no such requirement for comments left at youtube. We cannot control what is posted there, so be forewarned you may come across coarse comments and adult language. Although links to youtube are now permitted we trust our site members will not abuse the rule change by over-posting irrelevant clips. We don't wish to see intelligent and respectful discussion give way to incessant posting of youtube clips.

Links to other sites

We do not allow links to other fan-sites and other non-media sites, except with the express permission of one of the moderators in advance.

We work extremely hard to bring members and visitors here and be the best we can be, and it is "theft", not to mention extremely poor etiquette, to attempt to direct our members elsewhere.

We DO allow the posting of "official" media articles, from real news sources, but we require a link to the original content on that site.

Users who link to other sites are responsible for ensuring the content at the site, at the time of posting, meets our pg13 rules.

Posts with links to other fan-sites, or articles posted which were written by other fan-site authors, will be removed immediately and without notice or explanation.

We also do not allow our articles to be posted on other sites. Our material is copyrighted by our authors, and re-publishing this material is strictly prohibited. If we discover our content on other sites, we will request that the administrator remove it. We may also take further action here against your account.

Links to MySpace pages

We do allow links to contestant MySpace pages only, not fan pages.

You must post a clear warning to other users if the page you are linking to contains content (language or pictures) that does not meet our pg13 rule.

Contestant MySpace pages are the one exception to the pg13 content rule. You must not link to other sites that contain non-pg13 content, even if you post a warning.


If you post a message that breaks any one or more of our rules you will likely be issued with an infraction. Infractions carry differing point values and if you receive enough over a set period of time you may find your account here is temporarily suspended. The staff do not consider infractions to be a 'smack on the wrist', but rather an opportunity to refresh your memory about our rules. Infractions are not made public, so only you and the staff members know that one has been issued. If you get an infraction you are not put on a 'hit list' and your account is not marked to receive closer attention that anyone elses.

Our "fine print" not covered elsewhere

We reserve the right to moderate our site for the "greater good" of the site. That means that, even if you're not technically breaking any of the previously-listed rules, you could still be subject to being banned, moderated, or removed from the site if we decide it's in the best interest of our members. Please do not attempt to steer the conversation in any thread away from a direction by telling people what they should discuss. As long as people remain within our other rules almost anything relating to a contesant can be discussed in their dedicated thread. If you think a thread has veered far off-topic the mods always appreciate your assistance by reporting those posts.

Obviously, we try not to take any action not supported by an actual violation of our rules listed, but sometimes someone is disruptive to the other members of our site, and when that happens, we will take action. All we ask of our members is that they act like the mature individuals we hope they are, and use common sense.

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