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Thread: Staff Profiles for The Family

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    Staff Profiles for The Family


    ANDREW LOWREY, BUTLER (Born: Kent, England; resides in Baltimore, Maryland)
    As a youngster, Andrew used to watch "Upstairs, Downstairs" and wanted to grow up to be the stately and unflappable Hudson, the butler. After completing his university degree in hotel management and the rigorous Ivor Spencer Butler school, Andrew spent a decade "in the service" - acting as butler to some of the world's elite, including a billionaire Saudi princess, several world-famous rock stars, a Baltimore real estate tycoon and the British royal family. During that time he oversaw everything, from a 325-ft Monte Carlo mega-yacht, with a staff of 45, to a 500-acre country estate. Of course he does it all with unshakable elan and an impeccable uniform.

    RINGO ALLEN, SOCIAL SECRETARY (born and resides in Seattle, Washington)
    Ringo is an excellent manager of what he delicately calls the "complicated lifestyles" of his high-powered employers, as well as their many friends and associates. From remembering birthdays to supervising the building of new residences and negotiating delicate schedules at home and away, Ringo ensures his clients live graciously and effortlessly. While he will go to any lengths to "make it happen" for his clients, the one thing he can't abide is bad manners. As he says, "You may not have a million dollars, but everyone can have million-dollar manners." Some of Ringo's high-profile clients include a nationally-known department store magnate and her diplomat husband, as well as luminaries such as President Bush, the Gates and several members of the Russian royal family.

    LINDA LEVIS, HEAD HOUSEKEEPER (Born: Cleveland, Ohio; resides in West Palm Beach, Florida)
    Linda realized early that she had a talent for organization, and that there were a lot of people who could use her help. She loved people, loved housework and loved the sun, and headed south from snowy Cleveland only to land in Florida's glamorous socialite epicenter - Palm Beach. In no time, single-mom Linda found herself in a world far from the one she grew up in, in the employ of some of Palm Beach's most elite families. In the interim decades, Linda has worked for international banking gurus, oil barons, real estate magnates, even publishing heiress Mrs. Scripps-Harvey. She believes firmly that good service is in the thoughtful details -- like when she remembers it's Madame's birthday, and remembers to buy a card and sign Madame's dog's name to it. "Everyone wants to feel like someone is paying attention to their lives, that someone cares."

    FRANCK PORCHER, CHEF (Born: Bordeaux, France; resides in West Palm Beach, Florida)
    A twenty-one year veteran of the kitchen, Franck trained in some of the world's finest kitchens while pursuing his vision of culinary excellence. From studying pastries at Paris' famed Maxim's to honing his repertoire at restaurants from Africa to trendy Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Franck has cooked for such luminaries as President Bush and brother Jeb, Celine Dion, Luciano Pavarotti, as well as some of the wealthiest and most prominent socialites in North America. His biggest reward, however, comes from an appreciative audience. "When you throw a big party, and the boss takes you out into the dining room and everyone claps, you know they see you put some effort into it."

    JILL SWID, STYLIST (born and resides in Manhattan, New York)
    Jill started working for style icon Donna Karan before she even got out of high school - and she's been on fashion's fast track ever since. After college she was recruited to be Spin Magazine's fashion director, and went on to helm the fashion and beauty departments as such magazines as Mirabella, Talk and now Radar. She's also been the personal stylist to such celebrities as Uma Thurman, Hugh Grant, Tom Hanks, the Hilton sisters -- even Rudy Giuliani. Jill's philosophy as a stylist is to make everyone look the best they can look, even when it means getting someone to take a risk on a look, cut or color they've never tried before. "Everyone should look good and feel great in their clothes."

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    interesting group. I don't mean to be funny here, but I never thought kids would "want to be a butler" when they grew up

    I wish I loved housework. It sure would make my life easier.
    "Rice is great when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something' -- Mitch Hedberg

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