UNCLE MICHAEL (46, sales manager, Manalapan, NJ)
The ultimate patriarch, Uncle Mike is the leader of the family. Suave and in-control, Uncle Michael sees himself as the dominant player in this game and has never met a challenge he couldn't overcome. While all the young men of the family respect him, they are also out to get him.

AUNT DONNA (47, school bus driver, Manalapan, NJ)
Uncle Michael's wife, Donna, is a strong-willed woman who clearly likes things done her way and is not afraid to speak her mind. She'd like to see her husband win, but she'd like even better to win the million herself and gain bragging rights for a lifetime.

COUSIN ANTHONY (22, dance instructor, Manalapan, NJ)
The confident son of Uncle Michael and Aunt Donna, Anthony is definitely the playboy of the family. He's a dance instructor who knows how to put on the moves to impress the ladies, and is as competitive as his parents are when it comes to winning that million.

COUSIN ED (34, catering supervisor, Oceanside, NY)
Ed calls himself the "wise guy" of the family. From childhood, he was viewed as the low achiever of the family, and that experience motivates him to succeed. He makes no pretenses about his strategy to win the game, admitting that he will lie, steal and cheat to do so.

COUSIN MARIA (28, travel consultant, Boston, MA)
This classic beauty feels she's the gypsy of the family. A passionate traveler, Maria is often on the road, so she isn't as geographically close to the rest of the family and maintains an air of mystery. Her incentive to win the prize is to fund future expeditions.

COUSIN JILL (27, radio sales, Brooklyn, NY)
Always in everyone's business and the first to admit it, bubbly Jill is the gossip queen of the family. She was the person who notified her family members about the casting call for the show, and feels that it's only fitting that she win the million dollars.

COUSIN DAWN MARIE (29, housewife/mother, Staten Island, NY)
What you see is what you get with Dawn Marie. She tells it like it is and takes no prisoners. She feels her family doesn't think she has the intelligence to prevail, fueling her incentive to prove them wrong. Though her presence is sometimes larger than life, her mind is always focused on family, particularly her husband and two children back home.

COUSIN MICHAEL O. (26, warehouse foreman, Brooklyn, NY)
Related by blood only to his first cousin Jill, Mike is the outsider of the family. Though his shaved head and tattoos may seem disconcerting to strangers, his motivations are purely altruistic. If he wins, he will purchase a house for his mother and sister.

COUSIN ROBERT (29, public relations, Manhattan, NY)
Robert is confident that he has what it takes to win. He is fiercely competitive and proudly ruthless. He believes that money can get him further in life than family can, but he's grateful that his sister, Melinda, was chosen to be on the show because she might be his only ally.

COUSIN MELINDA (25, kindergarten teacher, Brooklyn, NY)
Robert's sister, Melinda, says that she is seen by her family as the "the good girl" who still lives at home with her parents. Her strategy is to use her non-threatening persona to win the million-dollar fortune.