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Thread: Dawn Marie

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    Quote Originally Posted by DNBursky
    She's a riot with her responses and her naivite' . I would love to meet her in real life as she seems like a nice person and I empathize with her when people tease her. It was cruel when she had the panic attack that others mocked her. I aww'lso love her accent. (read this with your best NY accent).

    I would have mocked her too because she was NOT having a panic attack. If she were, she would not have been able to hear the "Great Brown Host" tell her that if she gets out of hte water she's eliminated. She would not have been able to swim back to the boat, she would not have been able to get back in/on the boat, she would have just freaked out and almost killed somebody who would be trying to save her...it was a ploy. It cracks me up how she tries to play the damsel in distress.

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    Holy S**t Indeed

    Wow Dawn Marie winning the straight jacket competition over cousin Ed? uncle Micheal? AND cousin Mike?

    Holy !

    My jaws are like floored over her win and I'm glad too.... keep those excessive-testosterone egos in check just wonderful!

    Go Dawn Go Dawn..... it's your birthday... it's your....

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    I was just as shocked as you are. I have to tell you I earned a new respect for her...even though, like Ringo, I could have killed her for sauntering over to the coins and taking her own sweet time. It almost cost her the game.

    Way to go, Dawn Marie!
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

    #oldmanbeatdown - Donny BB16

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    Not only did she beat them. She had the balls to do what noone else has so far...put up Uncle Michael!!! Good for her. She should have gone up to Robert and told him "That's how it's done"!!!

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    She did a great job.

    I loved it when they were sitting in the hot tub and the others were mentioning sharing the cash if she won and she kind of stumbled on her reply.

    Sod that DM, you win it, you keep it
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    I was soooooo proud of Dawn Marie last night. I was jumping out of my seat! I agree with Kara88 that she finally had the balls and stepped up to the plate and put U. Mike on the chopping block.

    Way to go Dawn Marie!!

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    I see dawm marie ending up winning this. If she can get herself and ed on the board on wendsday (but it seem as though they showed a scene of the next episode with dawn and mike in the "hot seat") I think she can beat off ed and if she can just keep on amazing the board she will win.

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    Dawn Marie, Dinner is served, and get me out of this straightjacket

    ---- And the winner is? ----

    Dawn Marie winning last nights competition was absolutely fabulous. I liked her and baldheaded Mike from day one. Her reletives gave her NO chance against them. Especially uncle Mike and aunt Donna. I would have never guessed she'd get this far. Amazing, isn't it?

    ---- Get me out of this straightjacket! ----

    How did she get out of the straightjacket? Do you think "they" didn't tighten "hers" enough? (level playing field) I don't know but it was great seeing her the first one out of the jacket and money bag. And what's up with Mike and Ed putting the coins in one bank. I DON'T THINK SO! I wonder what the ruling what have been with that.

    ---- Dinner is served? ----

    Also, I don't blame her for not eating that food (if that's what you want to call it) she was served. I couldn't tell if the first thing they brought out was dessert (chocolate strings?) or part of the main course. The second thing they brought out looked very unappetizing. But even though Dawn didn't like the food she shouldn't have left the table like that. It was rude, but what can you say the food was repulsive. Dawn should have just sat and waited until dinner was over. And maybe they would have brought her a plate of pasta or something. All in all it was a great episode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kara88
    Not only did she beat them. She had the balls to do what noone else has so far...put up Uncle Michael!!! Good for her. She should have gone up to Robert and told him "That's how it's done"!!!
    Couldn't agree with you more!

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    Man, do I hope dwan's_servant meant "beat out".

    I was glad she chose who she chose. But she still annoys the living heck out of me.

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