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Thread: Hide the Will! 'The Family's Here

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    Hide the Will! 'The Family's Here

    Hide the Will! 'The Family's Here

    February 27, 2003
    Just when you thought TV's reality mix couldn't get any more extravagant, here comes "The Family," the latest primetime series from ABC debuting Tuesday, March 4, at 10 p.m. EST.

    Like "Dynasty" meets "Big Brother," this competition whisks 11 members of a middle-class New York clan away to live in a Palm Beach mansion outfitted with marble bathtubs, a tennis court and a fleet of toys -- not to mention a full team of servants at their beck and call. The catch? They've got to outscheme, outwit and outcharm one another in various challenges for luxury cruises, vacations and, ultimately, a million-dollar "inheritance."

    And just who will be keeping them honest? A secret Board of Trustees decides whom is worthy. Dapper playboy and former 'Love At First Bite' star, GEORGE HAMILTON, also plays their magnanimous host.

    In the first few episodes, the trash-talking contestants -- JILL O., MELINDA, ROB, ED, MARIA, UNCLE MICHAEL, DAWN MARIE, AUNT DONNA, ANTHONY and MIKE -- make no bones about sizing up their relatives.

    "Dawn Marie is definitely the underdog," says one member.

    The relatives each receive a family pin which they must wear at all times -- unless the Board decides to eliminate them. For clips from this newest reality venture, watch tonight's ET!

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    Did anyone see the clips? I wasn't able to catch it.

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