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Thread: Was it real?

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    Thanks for the Inside Scoop

    A special thanks John for the response. I watched all the episodes of the series. I am a long time fan of George Hamilton and became interested in watching the series after seeing his promotional appearances.

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    Jughead Jones
    I think it was definitely real.

    It would be pretty hard to rig the final competition with the safes, considering that Anthony was in charge of how it would be played.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FamilyMaker

    The only tears we were suspicious of were George Hamilton's, as he is a trained actor and capable of crying on cue...but after watching the footage many times, the editors and I absolutely believe that George, like the rest of us, was truly touched by Anthony's speech.
    That's funny... I can imagine going back and forth to figure out if George Hamilton's response was drama or real.. I am glad to see that it was real.. I think it was definitely astonishing to see the end result. At least for this Family it answers the question that the Blood is definitely thicker then money...

    So, any chance we'll see them on some reunion show? How is the Family handling their new found fame?

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    i loved dawn maire she should of gotten at least one vote for exp: uncle micheal saying 9/10 we pick you.

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