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Thread: Great ending but IT WAS NOT FAIR?

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    Personally, I think it was more than fair if you looked at it objectively.

    True, I think Dawn Marie got screwed...but keep in mind that it had nothing to do with the show or the show's producers. When it all comes down to it, it was her own family that chose to put Anthony back in the game. And, well...it's unfortunate, but I think that it was the only way to play the game fairly.

    Of course, one might question the point of the board of trustees, since their choice ended up the runner-up.

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    But being blue is more work.
    I can see some merit in some of your points. But personally, I thought it was a terrific finish to a surprisingly enjoyable series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigfluffy
    I didn't like the ending at all--coming down to a game of chance after being judged by the B.O.T. all this time was not fair--Mike should have won-he was the Board's choice.
    I really wish the board had been allowed to see it through and make the final decision.

    Bringing back the eliminated player was gimmicky imo.
    I think the final decision the BOT made should have been the final decision of the show.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddiesleg
    Not fair? This is reality TV, nothing is fair anymore. I, too thought the final contest was ridiculous, but then it was Mike's to lose, who would ever have chosen the green safe that Anthony said the money was in, not me. lol.

    That said, I liked the outcome in that they shared it equally. Although, I bet the producers were up all night with Anthony rehearsing his reading of the obviously ghost written speech.

    At least if I couldn't get the outcome I wanted, which was Mike or Dawn to win, the sharing of the prize money made the finale much more palatable.
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    I agree with a lot of you guys who say that the ending was left to chance, and Mike ended up losing to, of ALL people, Anthony...Geez...I was really pulling for Dawn to come back into the game, although I'm not sure if she would've done well in those final competitions, hehe...The ending with the safes did not seem to 'satisfy' me after such an exciting season...

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