the last part was a bit amusing.... but it ended the way it SHOULD be! The ending couldn't be anymore "perfect" than it is.... no doubt about it! In fact it was kind of too perfect for me to throw into question about how "real" this reality show really is..... but that's another topic for later,


first of all you have to look at this from the family's perspective..... this was from the very beginning centered around two people, aunt donna and uncle micheal- and everyone else is either from his side or her side of the family..... so right from the get-go there's sort of a split between two groups (or two sides of the family)

.....and not far behind this split brings jealousy and "hate" which becomes a problem, a huge problem in fact, if you add a million dollars into the equation too. Seems a hopeless situation on our hands at first.

.....and as much as cousin mike is a nice guy and all, I don't think he would've splited one cent if he had won and THAT would be a disaster for the family. Bad ending. The same goes if DM had won.

Anthony winning and splitting equally with everyone satisfies every conflict or any jealousy that may occur within the family- it was PERFECT! His ma and pops are certainly happy.... his cousins are content and probably now thinks the world of him and nobody was left out, not even the "outsider" cousin mike! Could not have been any better for the winner and the choice that the winner makes!

way to go abc I appaud them and anthony for doing such fine job for this series.... i couldn't have imagined anything better really, well done!