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Thread: Who would you like to see win the fortune?

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    i forgot maria she complains more then dawn...... and she just cant be quiet, plus she just likes to rub things in peoples faces like "bla bla with out penatelys" and her catch pharse "shut the bleep up"

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    I think RObert A should win... not Robert from The Family; but Robert A from Cupid... but then again I think he should win everything in every show

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    My picks for the winner are as follows:

    1st: Cousin Mike
    2nd: Cousin Dawn Marie
    3rd: Aunt Donna
    4th: Cousin Maria
    5th: Uncle Michael
    6th: Cousin Jill
    7th: Cousin Melinda
    8th: Cousin Anthony
    9th: Cousin Ed
    10th: Cousin Robert

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    #1 pick..Cousin Mike...from the first show..cool guy

    #2 pick..Dawn Marie...can't stand her personality..wouldn't want to spend 1 hour with her, but I've got to say she's spunky, and I was actually yelling for her when she came rolling out of that straightjacket and bag...go girl!

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    Wait til a commercial... Nani's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by nlmcp
    Sorry Wayne but I'm positve George isn't real.

    His skin is too tan and his teeth are too white...it's kind of unnatural.

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    MY picks are
    1. dawn marie
    2. jill
    3. aunt donna
    4. Maria
    5. Uncle micheal
    6 ed
    7 mike
    8 melinda
    9 anthoney
    10 robert

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    I, too, am for the underdog, so Cousin Mike it is.

    But now won't we be treated to some endurance or fear factor type competition for the new Final Two? It seems to me that the Board is done with them.

    Bet "The Don," I mean Uncle Michael, browbeats the Family into choosing him to return to the game. If so, I hope he loses and loses badly; and that Cousin Mike keeps all the money in his own family. This includes giving some to Cousin Jill, because, after all, they would not have been selected for this show if not for her, and he is related to her, at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iloveclaykin
    I hate the entire family except for Mike.
    i too am a clay fan, but that is the only time our taste is the same. cousin mike is ok, but what has he reallydone. has he won any competions. no dawn has it hands down and should never have been voted off. i think the family deserves better than mike who won't even consider sharing. i think he forgets who he spent all that time away from home with. these other members were with him the whole time. so get a life and re-think ur attitude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MudMouse

    Cousin Mike is just the same in life as he is on the show. He's a sweetie, and a really nice guy.

    Here's hoping...
    do u know cousin mike??????

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