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Thread: Who would you like to see win the fortune?

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    Cousin Mike for me too. I just love him.

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    I would love to see...

    I'd love to see cousin Mike, followed by Dawn Marie. Mike's polite and Dawn's trying her best.


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    If you asked me in the beginning of the season I would say Mike for sure 100%

    But now I'm not so sure about it.... if you really think about it, Mike is in alot of ways like Uncle Michael (himself and his family), the difference is just that he's out there fending all by himself! He's just as cut-throat just as kneiving and just as competitive, perhaps his personality is better than the others but the way he plays the game is no different than how Aunt Donna, Anthony or Uncle Micheal plays it.

    Jill on the other hand is genuinely "nice", although her habits needs improvement, but I think she deserves to win the prize.... I feel somewhat the same for Maria, although I guess if she wins the million it'll spoil her like rotton meat!

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    Play Doh Rocks
    Gotta go with cousin Mike. (1) Always go with the outsider underdog - and he's both in his own family. Harsh! (2) He seems really competitive - I like this. And he never forgets that this is a game - a game he wants to win. (3) He seems nice when he's not being competitive - also important in life. (4) He is sexy as sin! Yummy! (I never thought the bald thing would work for me before.)

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    Definitely Cousin Mike, if only for the fact that he's not a blood relative of Aunt Belladonna the deadly nightshade.

    The fact that he's a totally nice guy doesn't hurt either.

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    I will bet anything...that Dawn Marie wins...the way they portrayed her as being weak, and kinda dumb....she will win...and if she shares the money, than she really is dumb!

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    I really hope that Cousin Mike wins. He seems like a nice guy.

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    Hands down Cousin Mike

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    Cousin Mike

    Cousin Mike is just the same in life as he is on the show. He's a sweetie, and a really nice guy.

    Here's hoping...

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    its not clear who will win right now, everyone in this point has qualities the board hates. Uncle micheal is an evil fear me or i will tak eyou down person which they find kinieving. ANthony is self explanatory. Aunt donna cant go an episode without saying "this pisses me off". Jill (and i quote) "couldnt wake up if you shoved a bullhorn up her but" robert betrayed jull so bad...... Now Dawn Marie..... lets see she takes off her life jacket leaves the tables and thinks the burgers are donkey meat. MIke and ed are kinda both the same just one is mor epopular and they know who the board is...... just by ringos terrible "is that so" act

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