Watching on tape. Good episode.

I had a brief moment of almost-tolerance for Dawn, based on her wacky Sherlock Holmes shennanegans and her totally lowbrow but hilarious "Celestial Seasonings" comment. But later on, her "I'm so alone" whining got to me as usual.

Similarly, you could almost feel sorry for An-Tony based on the two nightmares he's got for parents--highlighted well tonight in the Luxury challenge--until you saw later on in the episode what an asshole he was about the cleaning effort.

Aunt Donna proves her worth... as a launderer. Whoopie. Now go away, lady.

The Luxury Comp was a bit boring, other than the An-Tony show, but it was nice to see Aunto Donna, Uncle Michael and yes, also Dawn, get it right in the face. "750 'tousand dollahs" as An-Tony kept repeating.

Another funny An-Tonyism "I ain't touchin' Jill's 'tongs"

I'm still trying to figure out if I like "Special Ed" or not. We see so little of him, there's got to be a reason.

Prime Ham-n-Tan this week. The Luxury game was a bit serious for him, but the cheesy look on his face when the limo stopped and he turned out to be driving was worth the price of admission.

The thing with locking the Family in the limo until they got unanimous choices for elimination nominees and/or gave up and got put up for leaving? Wow. I seriously did NOT see that coming. This was actually AMAZINGLY clever and satisfying at this point in the game. Kudos to the producers. As a mind f@ck, it was perfect.

I wonder if the others will be greatful to Mike for his "big balls" in that limo or if it will eventually backfire on him. I mean Jill wasn't exactly overjoyed by the situation.

The pure joy of the board at having Aunt Donna in front of them was damn funny. And the editors didn't even try to hide it. Good call guys. Sure they showed some anti-Jill comments, but it was SO obvious it was only for form's sake. The editors made zero attempt to hide what was really happening.

The subtle music cue when Donna got up to give her pin to George didn't get by me either. I felt like I was watching a Francesco Rinaldi commercial or something.

Aunt Donna is so delusional. Thinking she did everyone such a huge favor. What a saint! NOT.

Next week looks like ANOTHER winner from that preview. Not a big Susan Lucci fan, but it fits so well into the cheesy motiff of this show.