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Thread: Pretty Obvious

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    Pretty Obvious

    It's pretty obvious what the producers are up to. They throw in one "outsider" to stir things up. Then they arrange for the first elimination round to be initially determined by a family vote. Big surprise when Mike gets the high bid. Ohh! I'm on the edge of my seat now! No matter how often Mike goes before the board, you can bet he won't be elminated for a long, long time. He's the "ringer" in the group.

    I also hope Mike wins. He does seem the nicest. On the other hand, editing is like being God. They may only be showing his sweet moments.

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    Jughead Jones
    Yeah...I kind of want Mike to win as well...though, part of me thinks it would be a hoot if Dawn Marie walked away with it all. It's not likely gonna happen anytime soon, but I think it'd be funny as hell!

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    Great Idea

    I want Dawn Marie or Mike to win. I thought last nights show was pretty good. I liked how Mike came up with the idea to to ask the two matriarchs of the family for either of them to be put up for eviction. Great idea; but then uncle Mike came up an even greater idea. One of the two of them gets to choose who'll be on the block with them. Very cunning idea Mike, but I liked Uncle Mikes idea even better.

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