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Thread: Contests, Competitions & Rewards/Punishments

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    Contests, Competitions & Rewards/Punishments

    'Till this point...

    Elimination 1: The Bidding Game, never really interested me, but I suppose it was necessary that the first nominations be kind of a "Will of The Family" thing, just so they could be shown they aren't in control.

    Luxury Comp: Seeing it for the second time... I still loved the Luxury competition "Donkey Polo". Something "The Mole" would have done.

    Elimination Game 2: "Family Craps" -- good game, great implementation.

    Elimination Game 3: The Balancing Act Game was interesting in that it left open so many opportunities for sabotage. I still wonder if Anthony didn't screw up on purpose, despite his position that he wanted his father out of the game. And he protesteth too much about Maria being put up.

    Other Luxury Comps: I recall at least two more luxury comps from the original shows. In the first episode, I think there was some business with prizes on boards where each Family member had to keep, give or take a prize or some such business. I remember it being a bit boring, so its no big loss. In the third, there was a sailboat race, which I recall as actually being somewhat interesting. One other bad thing about the loss of this is that I recall the Saga of Dawn's Pants as being funny. See, Dawn can't get pants which fit her. Trust me, it was funnier the first time.

    Non-specific punishments: The TV dinner thing for the eliminated people is still pretty damn funny. Living in a fancy house eating TV dinners is hilarious.

    The upcoming Golf Cart thing is SO going to rule.

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    Excellent summary, Krom. I think the contests are all chronicled in the original recaps - which are so old now that I think they were typed on an Apple IIe.

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