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Thread: 8/9 episode preview (spoiler)

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    8/9 episode preview (spoiler)

    Family Plots
    Birthday Blues
    It's Emily's birthday, and she hasn't had a party since she was 16, so today she gets two! First, a lunch at the mortuary, where Melissa's taken charge of the menu. But Rick has plans too--he's going to bring a new woman to Emily's party after work to make Melissa jealous.

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    One thing that drives me nuts about this show is how much hugging and kissing on the lips that goes on in that place. It's weird enough for me seeing the family members do that (the kissing on the lips, not the hugging) but with your boss? I felt so sorry for Emily having such a rotten party (both at work and afterwards). Having to spend a good part of a birthday party dealing with a (most likely) drunk, depressed and (possibly) suicidal Rick...I can't decide if I feel sorry for him or he was being manipulative.

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    I think Rick was manipulating because he sure looked happy the next morning. He's just feeling sorry for himself. Emily didn't deserve to have her birthday wrecked because of Rick and Melissa's problems. Melissa sure did'nt feel sorry for Rick in any way.

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    Hey I could not agree more. What was Rick thinking, why doesn't he get a grip an stop making everybody miserable! Emily has the patience of Job, because I think I would have yelling to the top of my lungs This Is My Birthday!!!! Rick was just trying to get everybody's sympathy and looks like it worked, except for Melissa and maybe she has seen more of that side of him tan she cares to.

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    oh my god...

    I loved this episode because it was very "family" oriented (as opposed to being in the mortuary all day) and I love Emily...that being said, Rick is a CRAZY PERSON!!! He shouldn't have put on that kind of a display over the phone...that was not cool AT ALL and quite humiliating! I'm not making light of someone who might really be upset and in fact, suicidal, but Rick, give us ALL a break! And like Shelley8 said, he sure was all smiles the next morning. I would be so embarrassed if I behaved like that. He's a little old for high school drama! Melissa really didn't seem to give a rat's ass either! I was glad to see Emily's husband try to talk to Rick. I am not crazy about him either, but at least he tried!!!

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    I wonder if anyone else notices that Shonnas husband and daughter didn't attend the birthday party? Rick needs to clean up his language around little Ramsey, because I noticed he looked very uncomfortable around Rick in the office when he was spouting off. Maybe Melissa should consider a new career if Rick is going to be that difficult when she is around , cause it sure makes life hard on everyone. So why don't they stop inviting him to family functions and just keep it business at work and play. Chuck cracked me up at Melissa house , while the girls were getting ready for the party he headed for the couch and could barely keep himself awake, and he thinks he could keep up with a twenty year old woman!

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    you are right cat...i noticed her husband and daughter weren't around. I was kind of wondering about that.....

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