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Thread: 8/2 Episode

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    A new episode 08/02 (spoilers)

    A VIP In The House
    Monday, August 2 @ 9pm/8C

    Episode Archive
    The mortuary faces one of their biggest challenges ever when making funeral arrangements for one of the naval legends of the Cold War Commander Lloyd M. Bucher, former Captain of the USS Pueblo. And the whole team is put to the test. David makes the arrangements with the late Commander's wife, and Shonna nervously prepares for one of her largest open casket viewings ever. Meanwhile the high profile funeral service is to be handled by a duo working together for the first time - Chuck and David - what could possibly go wrong?

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    Thoughts on 8/2 episode

    I don't know if anyone watched last night, but it was definitely a more "work based" episode rather than "How the Wissmillers Turn" soap opera/love story type of deal. I guess to me the funny stuff was watching Chuck taking the flowers to the cemetery and realizing that he was almost out of gas and wasn't sure if he'd make it (he did, just barely). It was also funny to see Chuck almost asleep in the back of the church, just like John said he would. When David pulled up to the cemetery with the remains, I barely recognized Chuck. The way he was dressed reminded me of Don Corleone just before he got shot down after grocery shopping.

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    8/2 episode...

    That was some outfit chuck had on in the cemetary...he was very dapper, indeed! I was dying when he said he was going to run out of gas...I could only imagine what would've happened if he did......all in all, a lot of work was shown, but a great episode. I hope they give us more!

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