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Thread: Rick & Melissa

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    lighthouse lady

    Rick & Melissa

    Melissa is great actress, OR, she's the most vain, conceited, shallow, self-centered, self-serving, cold-hearted, irresponsible, inconsiderate, immature person in the northern hemisphere. And Rick must be a really great actor too, because he cant possibly find anything even remotely attractive about Melissa, can he? Are these two for real?

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    I cannot stand Melissa

    She's the most dramatic, selfish, attention whore I've ever seen... and she's not even very good looking.

    Rick is just a plain fool. He's a fool for getting emotionally involved with that broad, he's a fool for taking it out on his employees.

    Originally I liked Rick as kind of a decent guy but now I can't stand him. I can't stand him taking shots at his employees behind their backs, not doing anything, and just being a general overall jerk.

    I still think there's hope for Rick to be likable but I seriously cannot stand Melissa.

    On the last episode when the three daughters were having a counselling session with their dad, when the one high strung daughter... who's name I can't remember but the one who got a ridiculous boob job. When she was starting to get emotional and really get into her feelings all of a sudden Melissa got all dramatic and loud and made a big show out of crying and getting some kleenex while talking at her dad. God I cannot stand that little priss haha

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