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Thread: Only 1 more episode to go?

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    Only 1 more episode to go?

    If they made 13, I list 12 that have been shown:

    Looking for Love...Again!
    A Rich Life
    Behind Closed Doors
    Mum's the Word
    Please Date our Dad
    Girls' Night Out
    Heavy "Bag"gage
    Forget Me Not
    Love and Death
    Smoke and Mirrors
    Where's Chuck?
    Blood is Thicker Than Water

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    oh no!

    say it ain't so!

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    I didn't know there was only 13 episode's. Maybe they will do another go around with this group. I actually like this show. I always laugh out loud and find them all a little crazy. But in a good way. Plus I still think they have only used a couple days of footage so far. I keep noticing that Emily's hair has been in the same "morning after" style for nearly all the office scene's. Yet when she is outside or in her car her hair is completely different.

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    A&E and Hybrid Films (the actual production company) are currently in negotiations with the folks at Poway Bernardo for a second season. With the current filming schedule they want don't expect any new shows for at least 4-6 months.

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    You know I was thinking the other day. If this series drags on until Chuck gets the date/wife he wants, it'll last longer than MASH.

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    Good point Dannielle, finding Chuck a date was alot harder than they thought. That's why I said maybe they should find a date for Sue or Rick ,now that Melissa dropped him.Some made the comment that David semed like the only one on the show with a solid relationship. I sure hope they come up with some more shows. The family and the work they do is so interesting. I'm so gald I found this forum and I enjoy reading everyones comments. Sometimes the things you say make me laugh for days,and this show reminds me of situations in my own family at times. How steamed you can get at someone and still love them in the end. I also wanted to see if anybody caught the look Chuckgave his date when she made a remark about all the undertakers jokes she had heard? I have a friends who family runs a funeral home and thay take they work very seriously and almost feel as if it is acalling ang they kid around and have as afamily ,but never ever make a joke about their work . Maybe she dropped the ball then along with all the questions about where Chuck lived and his car. That was funny to she her laugh at his car and hers looked like a pretty old cluncker. Let's hope we'll see more Family Plots and the goings on of the Wissmiller family. And if we hold our breath till Chuck find his perfect woman , we maybe in for a long wait.

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    Sugar and Chuck

    in the meantime, how about picking up a comb and giving Sugar the workover? Her eyes could stand a little attention too. If you can't handle a purebred Persian, then get a short haired cat.
    So live that anyone speaking ill of you is branded a liar

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    more please....

    Hi I'm new here as a member but I've been reading all your posts for months now. I love all your family plot comments and I agree with so many of you's about this show.I really hope they bring this family back for another installment. I'm so hooked on them. I love Shonna, she's the best. I don't know how she does her job and keep such a sensitive thoughtful side to her when she relates to the families...I guess that's why we like her so much, she's just that kind of person. Emily is such a sweetheart. I have mixed thoughts on Melissa ,she seems nice but I feel she's alittle shallow.Chuck...what can I say about him.... he's such a character...I personally think he's great!!! I'm glad they brought Sue into the show too, she seems like a very sweet lady....I wonder if she has anyone special in her life, she seems so nice and very pretty. Anyways,crossing my fingers for more episodes to come. I'm so glad I found this forum. Woohooooo!!!!
    Shelley in Canada

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    New Family Plots

    Please let me know if somebody knows about new episodes of Family Plots.

    I love this show.

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    Hoping for More!!!!

    I love this show too.... I hope there will be another season.
    Didn't they say that the final episode was the final episode of the season? That would mean they plan another season... or they would have called it the final episode of the series.
    Well, I hope I'm right!
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