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Thread: Family Plots 7/12 show The Dating Game, Take 2!

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    Family Plots 7/12 show The Dating Game, Take 2!

    The Dating Game, Take 2

    Our story starts today with Emily trying once again to fix Chuck up on a date. The ladies keep showing interest so it's not like she is begging for them to go out with the lecherous old fart. Chuck hasn't had a date in years because he has delusions of grandeur and wants one that younger than all his kids. He actually thinks he could go out with a girl around 22 years old!!! This man has better wet dreams than I do!!

    Emily's first choice is a full-figured lady, she runs this by Chuck and he nips it in the bud. He wants skinny!.
    Next up is a nice lady, and Chuck says sure. Now he is nervous and decides he needs a haircut cause he is scruffy. I have news for him, a haircut isn't going to change scruffy, that comes from the inside and seeps out. The singing barber was wasted on everyone but Chuck, who said he sings beautifully, just another example of his bad taste. Getting ready for his date, he does the crotch spray again. Can we all say EEEEWWWWWW!!!! He gets to the restuarant/nightclub and paces while he waits. She shows!!!! He acts human and civilised and they have a nice time, though some of the questions she asked were a bit golddigging in my opinion for a first date. Overall though, they had a good time and each said they would go out again for fun and laughs. Then Chuck reverts to his Auqualung mode and leers after some young things walking around the area. Like he even has a chance!!! He is a glutton for punishment if he tries.

    Shonna deals with prepping a body for shipment to Massachuttes. We find out the guy had a sense of humor when his underwear has the slogan "farting is my way of saying I love you". His daughter says that it was his favorite pair and that he was always joking and had a great sense of humor, even farting in a doctors face when he had an spinal thing. I know this is a short recap, but we are talking about Chucks love life now. Give me a break, I can only do so much with what little I had to work with!
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    this show just showcased the fact that chuck has taken 100 too many hits to the head. He lives in dream land....wonder what color the sky is in his reality. going for the young stuff. heck, i even know better than that!!!!

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