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Thread: 7/12 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    7/12 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Please keep all discussion of tonight's show in this thread only, until at least 1am Eastern.

    Thanks, and enjoy the show!

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    So no one watched? Anyway, I think that if Chuck wants to have half a chance of ever getting anyone, they've got to stop showing him and his attitudes on this show. After watching him lately, I can't help but wonder if that first woman who blew him off hasn't breathed a sigh of relief. Also, in a weird way, I wish he'd get his dream date with the 21 year old, going to the clubs, etc. so he can see how silly he'd look as the oldest person in the place, with everyone asking "Why'd you bring your grandpa here?".

    The lady he went out with seemed like a nice enough lady, but her asking Emily what kind of car he drove and telling Chuck that she hoped he lived at the marina and had a boat wasn't very subtle, now was it? I have a feeling that if they ever went out again, this didn't last very long. I thought it was especially telling that when they were in that group learning dance moves, that he immediately turned to the young Asian woman next to him and put his hand on her shoulder rather than acknowledging his own date.

    I have to admit, Rick's comment of "You sure are picky for someone who isn't getting laid" gave me a good laugh. But it also really ticked me off how rude he was about that "full figured" lady that Emily asking him about. I'm not holding out any hope of seeing Chuck's wedding on the show anytime soon.

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    I watched last night and agree that chuck need a good woman. I think he wants one young so there want be much commitment on his part. Maybe he really still has feelings for Sue. Not many women in the age range he likes would be interested in an older man,maybe thats why not so many responses from the age group are pouing in on the dating service. He should be willing to give more mature women a chance. San deigo looks like a great place to live and lots of fun things to do. so why sit home everynight , unless thats what you really want. Life is too short!

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    it was a good show...

    but you are right...Chuck has got to get a grip and realize he isn't going to bag some 25 year old and if he does, he will look awfully silly the first club that he goes too! I did notice the woman asking Emily about the car and asking Chuck if he had a boat...she was nice but she definately had her own agenda too! I also think Chuck may be living in one of the smallest apts. I have ever seen!!!

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    I too have wondered if he still has feelings for Sue. After all they live in the same building, even after what sounds like an acrimonious marriage. Most folks in that situation would want to be as far away from each other as possible. I was talking with my mother about him last night and she said "He just doesn't want to get old." He and my mom are about the same age and I asked her if she'd ever think she could get a 25 year old guy and she just rolled her eyes and laughed.

    I also ask that no more singing barbers be allowed on the show. The first thing I thought of when I saw that was "footage rejected from the Godfather". Scary thing when the dog is more entertaining than the singer.
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    I could'nt agree more . Chuck does not want to grow up. This is my first time ever joining in on a forum. My sweet son is helping me learn to use the computer.He is a brain and a wonderful child. I can't really explain why i like this show so much except it is so interesting watching the family work together and how they how everyday life.That's why it would be great to see Chuck find somebody to share his life with and have to talk to ate the end of the day. Sugar looks kinda bored most of the time!The whole family seems so hardworking and they care about each other very much,that is why the girls are trying so hard to find someone for Dad. Hey! how about signing Sue on for a few dates. She sure is an attractive woman and would probably go out with someone her own age. How much would you like to bet that would drive Chuck just crazy!!!

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    Theme song

    Hi all!

    It is killing me.....who sings the theme song to the show?

    I Love it!!!!

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    "how about signing Sue on for a few dates. She sure is an attractive woman and would probably go out with someone her own age. How much would you like to bet that would drive Chuck just crazy!!!"

    You must read minds. I've thought about that myself. Sue looks like she's still single but she's so pretty and sweet, it surprises me that she hasn't found a nice man her age for companionship.

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    the theme song in names Hell by Squirrel Nut Zippers. It is very catchy and I love the lyrics. I wonder if any knows about anymore upcoming shows? I hope they don't cancel this show until we can find out what happens to everybody. Also I wonder if anyone knows when and why the family changed their name from Weissmuller to Wissmiller? I can't read minds ,but my Mother has the remarkable ability to READ people.Maybe I have a little of that think that if Sue hooked up with some really nice gentleman Chuck would be jealous. Maybe that was part of their marriage problems. Did any notice that Chuck goes to a barber shop, while last week they showed Rick has a stylist? Also the lady Chuck went out with was nice but she did seem awfully interested in what kinda car/marina/boat/ etc. If someone her age into money what does Chuck think a 25yr. old will be into? II I went to a family wedding not long ago and a single older fellow was dancing and going after all the young bridesmaids. He did look ridiculous and latter I heard the bridesmaids off in corner having a good laugh about him. What a waste because there were plenty of attractive single women there his age that would have loved to danced, sadly no one asked.

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    Oh and don't forget that a 25 year old will gladly want to live in a 3' X 5' apartment with a cat and a bed that faces the heating vents.

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