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Thread: 7/12 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    In the Afterlife

    is the first line of the song. Don't think it is Hell by SNZ.....

    Anyone else have an idea????/

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    I nearly died when Emily said that the "lady" wanted to know what kind of car Chuck drove.... to only see later that Chuck's "date" was crusing in a friggin 1990 Toyota Corolla! And it didn't even have the good alloy's. She had the cheap Corolla! (After she had the nerve to stand there on the sidewalk laughing at Chuck's Buick... she is cruising in a ratty Corolla!?!) Lordy who are these people?!?!

    I don't see a second date in their future. She was looking for old rich man with a bad cough... living on a fancy boat in the marina. And Chuck's looking at 22 yr olds in white pants and no panties!

    Rick's comment was priceless. And it was very accurate... beggars can't be chooser's... and there is Chuck making it clear he wants a girl so young that she is still wearing her retainer at night.

    I don't think Chuck has any business back with the ex'wife. Something about her behavior tells me that she was dealt alot of shit. And is still a little jumpy around him. Like she is waiting for him to sucker punch her. The girls always glide over their parents marriage problems. But there is just something about the Mother, that tells me that she stays polite to Chuck so he does not go off on her. I think Chuck living in the same building as her was intentional.... and not by her choice.

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    I forgot about the barber and his kareoke

    Good one dannielle...I forgot about the singing barber. It was sort of like watching an accident...I felt uncomfortable watching it and even a bit squeamish, but yet I couldn't turn away. I guess the entertainment is included with the price of a cut!

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    yes, I'M sure the song is Hell by SNZ ,it drove me crazy so i looked it up. It's perfect for the theme, about everything will be revealed on the other side. I agree that Sue seems a little jumpy around Chuck,remember she was married to him when he was drinking and she probably has a lot of bad memories. They are just a blurr to him I'm sure. I did notice the clunker Bonnie was driving and after all was so bad about a Buick Regal. In the end Bonnie and Chuck had alot in common- they both want something they can not have. As sweet thang and a rich old sugar daddy.and yes the tiny little apt. is sad. Sugar looks like she might run away if given half a chance. The snide comment Chuck made after the date about not letting the girls pick anymore dates gave away his true feelings. He should be grateful they care so much about him .When Davie's met his wife thru a dating service he must have keep a more open mind. From what little bit I saw of her she looked like a keeper, and they seem very happy. Now ,let's sign Rick up and put a happy look on his face. He should pretty well, drives a Cadillac and has a nice home.

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    It just occurred to me that the only person there who seems to be happy in a relationship is David. Everyone else's relationships are in various stages of disrepair and decay.

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    "The girls always glide over their parents marriage problems."

    I was recently wondering myself about this. I have a hard time believing there are no hard feelings or bitterness about their dad's alcoholism and (most likely) verbal/emotional abuse that may have come along with it.

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