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    This sounds crazy but Shonna and her family have helped me get going agian. Im not a fan of reality shows but happened to catch this one when they were having a family plots marathon. Six months ago my son tried to commit suicide, which was devastating, but then I lost my job because I had to be with him at the hospital. (taking care of him was more important so im not upset losing my job) Well hes better now thank God but i was having a hard time bouncing back, that depression thing can kick your but!!! lol Anyways long story short i saw Shonna and her family and they are so like mine, and the hardwork, and the fun, and the bickering. So I decided to be part of the real world agian, got my nails done, hair done, and started looking for a job.( im a drs tech) I feel so much better. Can you imagine a reality show did that lol !!! Thanks Shonna and Family!!!

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    Hi Halcomet70!

    I'm so terribly sorry to hear about your son's attempt at his life, but glad to hear he is recovering. Losing your job must have been difficult, also. I totally understand where you're coming from regarding Shonna and her family giving you the extra "umpf" to keep going. I wish my family was like theirs. Mine, unfortunately, couldn't be more opposite. When I watch Family Plots, I am so envious of their closeness and friendship. I'm in my late 30s and turn into a bumbling idiot child when I'm around my critical, self-righteous parents. My brother passed away suddenly last year, so I have no siblings anymore. I'm married with two teens, so I'm not lonely (incredibly happy, actually!) but I really long for the friendship of family. I can only hope and pray I can achieve that type of friendship with my kids and their families when they become adults. But in the meantime, I enjoy living vicariously through Shonna and her sisters. What a kick those gals are, huh? Shonna is by far my favorite! Her kindness and compassion just oozes from her. She's a neat lady who deserves all the best. I'm thankful they've offered their lives to us in the reality tv world. It's gotta be a huge sacrifice and intrusion into their privacy. I wonder what they've been paid for this? Anyone know?

    Anyway, sorry for going on and on about myself. I didn't mean to do that. But I wanted to take a moment to tell you I appreciate you sharing your story and I'm so happy Family Plots has improved certain aspects of your life, and it's wonderful to meet you! I'm happy things are looking up for you and your son! Hope you'll keep posting here at the FoRT!

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