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Thread: Family Plots 7/5 show As Emily's life turns...

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    Family Plots 7/5 show As Emily's life turns...

    Family Plots 7/5 show As Emily's life turns...

    Its morning and Emily and Ron, her husband are up and getting their boy ready for school. Shonna is there having spent the night instead of driving home. We find out that Ron is a landscaper, and from the sounds of it, his business is new since Emily says that he is having some troubles getting it going good. It takes time to build a clientele if you are the new guy on the block. She takes her kid to a private school thats sorta out of the way. Rick says that the driving she does getting the kid to school and then going to work affects her attitude at work. From what we see later on, I would say that its a big juvenile acting boss that affects her attitude at work. She gets to work and El Dorko comes and bitches at her cause he couldn't find some paper work that was sitting in plain view on her desk because she was waiting on info for it. Rick is taking his breakup out on everyone at work and acting like the putz that he really is. Melissa was smart to call it off. Rick apologizes later, and says that Emily doesn't let things get to her, but Emily sings a different song, one that titled " I am out of here soon!!!" Rick says that Emily's problem is that she lives her life on emotions, not that he isn't himself, you hear him confessing to a stylist about how the breakup is affecting him. He should be at the office taking care of customers, but we already know he likes to hide from customers. Emily ends up seating a family for John to do final prep, why John couldn't greet them so she can do her paperwork is beyond me. Emily handles a grieving customer that has come to pick up the remains of a cremation. WHERE IS RICK? Why isn't his fat butt at work doing this? Why is the secretary handling grieving family members??? You can tell that working at a mortuary and being reminded about your mortality is affecting her, and she really does need to find another business to be in, hopefully one with a boss that isn't afraid to meet and greet his clientele.

    Brother Von is coming to town for a visit and the party is over at Emily's. She picks up her mom and stops off at a rug store and gets a steal of a deal on an area rug for the house. Ron calls and goes off about her spending money. This among other things seems to be straining their marriage, Ron admits that he is moody and Emily admits that they are fighting alot. Shonna comes over and cleans the bathroom mirror with her bottle of windex. Man she needs help with her OCD. Chuck and Von meet and go over to the party with Rick. Von and Chuck have the same temperament and short fuse, this doesn't sound good since Von is in law enforcement in Oakland, lets hope he is behind a desk and not out in the streets on patrol. Rick says he would like to be home now, THEN GO!!! Moody prick!! The girls crank some tunes, do some dancing and Chuck pigs out on Cataloni. Another day in the life of the Family.
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    Ilikai, love your recap of the show!!! I was wondering about something. Chuck asked Von, "What time did you guys get in?" But I never saw anyone with Von...did I miss something?

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    It seemed like Von had a chick with him that didn't want on camera. I swear I saw like a 0.5 second shot of a girl w/ Von.

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    Thanks Firestorm! The show repeats in an hour. I am such a loser I'm going to watch it again to see if I can catch that part.

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    Rick the Jerk

    I love this show. I coudl watch it over and over...ok maybe I need a life. First of all, Melissa is so incredibly intelligent for dumping Rick. Could you imagine living with him? That would be just scary.

    Shonna is my favorite...she is so down to earth and she seems like the type you can just go up and hug at anytime.

    When this show ends...and I hope not anytime soon...this is how I would like it to end.

    The family has a conference and they elect Shonna to talk to Rick for the family. She tells Rick to sit down and then she says...."Rick the family is so tired of your self righteous lazy self. We decided that for the sake of the family name we need to get away from you ex-con self. We are afraid you might be embezzling from the company again or perhaps even from us (since you won't pay for Dad's lunches). We have decided to give you notice. All of us are quitting. This is now your five minute notice. Have fun without us...maybe now you will finally have to do some work."

    P.S. - What made me the maddest after tonight's episode is that Emily kept saying she didn't want Rick at the party after his rude behavior. Yet, no one had the guts to tell him to leave. Cmon guys...stand up to this jerk.

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    I almost forgot: Emily drives around 200 miles EVERY DAY???? You can't possibly tell me that some of this can't be remedied with a different school, different apartment and/or different job.

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    Missing Family Plots, its addictive and I need my "fix" : )....and wondering where Melissa has moved, and what is the latest with Rick's Iranian "friend" that he introduced last fall and took the day off to spend with her... this show is so addicting.........need my fix.....Quick !!!

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