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Thread: Family Plots 6/28 show Breaking up is hard to do... Or not!!!

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    Family Plots 6/28 show Breaking up is hard to do... Or not!!!

    Breaking up is hard to do....Or not!!!

    It's Monday, and a quiet Monday, Shonna is late for work and David is tooling along relaxing. He meets Chuck at the office and they shine their shoes and inspect each other for the proper amount of Spiffy. Rick had left Melissa an ultimatum, either move in or give him back his credit cards, keys and they break up. She left an envelope on his desk like he asked, so they are splitsville. Rick is taking it like the man he is proving to be, spoiled and bratty. Emily is asking questions about work and he is ignoring her, too busy being in a snit and taking it out on everyone. Shonna finds a message on her voice mail that Rick says their relationship is going to be strictly business. This doesn't set well with Shonna and after comparing notes with Emily and calling Melissa, she has a talk with Rick about his childish behavior, which we viewers aren't allowed to listen and watch, damnit!!!

    David has a great day today, all he has to do is drop off a body at the airport and knowing that Rick is in a snit, he is taking all the time in the world to do it. Along the way we are privvy to his philosophy about relationships since he is recently married. To him, its about working things out, communicating and giving and taking... None of which I see either Rick or Melissa doing. No wonder their love thang is a trainwreck waiting for Gomez to hit the plunger. Meanwhile we get Melissa going to work, feeling free and easy with a weight off her shoulders. From what she is saying, she doesn't want to be tied down, doesn't want to deal with having to interact and compromise with a life partner. Looks like she just wants a hump buddy, and to have all the good and not deal with the everyday, boring and bad of a relationship. Rick says he is in love with Melissa, and she is in love with him. But the feeling Melissa is putting out is that she doesn't want to live with him. She won't commit and He is clinging, thinking there is a chance for reconciliation. He is doomed to have rejection kick him in the sides while he is down for the count. He finally does the final closure phone call and gives up. He goes home, Shonna and Emily go home and Melissa comes in for a night viewing.

    At home, Rick says he will deal with the hurt by avoiding Melissa for a while, he has lots of practice at that by avoiding customers and work at the mortuary. Nothing like acting the baby to help the pout of breaking up. He had plans for the both of them, building a walk-in closet out of part of the garage of his house for Melissa, getting two mountain bikes for them, now he has to remodel. Chuck stayed out of the mess, but as you can imagine, he said that she can do lots better, no need to have another jerk in her life.

    In the avoidance category, Rick is last seen at the airport getting into a small prop job and flying off to whoknowswhere for a couple of days to escape. He does that enough at the office. Melissa says that they are good friends, were good friends before, had a little hiccup there and will be good friends again or she will need a new career. It's the old "We can still be friends" Kiss Of Death!!!!!! Be afraid, be very afraid.
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    Great run down of the show! I have mixed feelings about Rick. I think he would be an ass to work for, but he does let a lot of stuff go on w/o saying anything about it. He's seems to want to control Melissa, but he just so desparately wants to be with someone. I feel sorry for him. Esp the episode when he talks about his son's death and the only person he had to talk was Shonna, his employee. How sad is that? He has a lot of regrets in his life, is unhappy and deals with it poorly. I think some therapy, an antidepressant and some exercise would help him out a lot!

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