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Thread: 6/28 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Melissa seems to be very much into herself, and not much else. During the Girl's Night Out episode she showed her true personality, and she also stated that she had no intention of tying herself to a jealous husband. I knew then that she would never marry Rick. On the other hand, maybe Rick should just count himself lucky because he is a lot older than she is and he's not exactly an angel, so if he isn't willing to date a woman his own age maybe he should be happy with the amount of (or lack of) commitment he got from Melissa. Melissa was obviously okay with things as long as he was her sugar daddy---oops, I mean "good friend."
    My own personal opinion is that Rick only puts up with Chuck because he was going to be his father-in-law. He'll probably continue to put up with him if the show continues, but if the show ends it will probably be adios, Chuck (and maybe Emily). He needs Shonna, though, if he wants his business to continue.

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    How do you guys know Rick is a convicted embezzler? I must have missed them talking about that! Tell me all the details please! How many more shows are there? I wonder if it will continue b/c Rick seems so annoyed with the cameras at times...

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