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Thread: Family Plots 6/14 show Mom's Here!!!

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    Family Plots 6/14 show Mom's Here!!!

    Family Plots 6/14 show.... Mom's Here!!!

    The show starts with ringing phones, it's going to be busy!!! Things get stressful fast due to them being swamped with business, Emily stressing, Melissa stressing, Rick hiding from responsibility, Shonna juggling bodies, and Chuck running all over hells half acre getting lost trying to find addresses to do pickups.

    The idea is to call Mom in to help in the front office handling calls and typing cause she used to be a damn good office worker. Shonna has left word that unless its an emergency, she isn't taking calls because she is backed up in bodies. Mom thinks its going to be fun to help, she has different thoughts later She finds the phone system a bit intimidating with all the ringing, flashing lights and stuffs. Emily tries to get her typing out obituary forms but that ends up freaking her out even though she doesn't admit it out loud. Chuck doesn't add anything to her relaxation side as he comes in and looms right in her face to talk to her, She cringes back leaving one puzzled as to why that reaction would come about... DUH!!!! We find out that Chuck used to yell and belittle her in their married days. This doesn't surprise me any at all, the main impetus of boxing is to belittle and humiliate your opponent. Shonna steps in and drags Chuck off to do more windshield time and saves her mom. Mom ends up saying the place is just too stressful and she will be on the slab in back if she stays, so she bails out and heads home. Shonna has delegated herself Mom's protector from Dad, partly due to the way Shonna treated her when Shonna was a teen/20 something rebel. We find this out in a soul-baring confession while she is going over to her mom's apartment for dinner with her and the sisters. Emily is there and after a bit, Shonna takes some food up to her Dads apartment, both parents live in the same building!!! Is that freaky or what! This part ends with Melissa there and all the girls sharing a good giggle about life.

    Meanwhile, show subplot is a family going through final prep with David, being of Mormon sect, the daughter wants to help dress mom for burial, something to do with it being a religious thing, part of the burial prep ceremony. Shonna helps the two daughters dress their mom and admires the fact that the ladies can do that, she doesn't think she could get through dressing her own mom when it comes time for her to pass. The viewing is at night and Melissa is on duty, Shonna slips out and says Melissa is on her own. The viewing is good, and Melissa makes it to her mom's to visit with her and the sisters.
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    nice recap Ilikai
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    I don't think I could ever dress my mother like those women did. I deal with death often in my job, but that would be so difficult. It freaks me out to even think about!!!

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