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Thread: Is death taking a backseat to everything?

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    Is death taking a backseat to everything?

    It just seems to me, with the last two episodes, that the original intent of the show (what working in a mortuary is like) is now an afterthought. It's turning into "The Loves of the Wissmiller Family".

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    I think the premise of the show is to showcase a family that works in a mortuary, not the everyday workings of that mortuary. Thus, you see the family outside of work and their interaction without work influence.
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    Death taking a back seat

    I agree with Danielle. I like this show. The very first episodes were extremely interesting, not only showing us this family and co-workers, but what goes on when working in a funeral home - there are so many facets of the job that have not even been touched upon yet.
    It seems that things are getting carried away now, though, and the show is only about the personal lives of these people (girl's night out, getting Chuck a date, the girls mother, the sisters). It is becoming almost comedic, and I don't know that this was the intent of the producers from the start.
    I thought the best show thus far (John taking the responsibility of consoling families who have lost children) showed the extrene seriousness of the funeral business, yet also showed lighter moments with the family and the other employees.
    There needs to be a better mix of of lightheartedness and seriousness.

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    I agree with y'all...This show would be alot more interesting if they concentrated more on the business aspect instead of everyone's personal lives. This show could be very educational. I've worked in a funeral home and I guess there is still alot of stuff that they don't really want John and Jane Public to know. This isn't going to last if every week it's the same thing- arguing, stressing out, and griping about Chuck...

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