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Thread: Family Plots show #8 Gotta find a woman, Gotta find a woman!!!

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    I love Chuck!

    Then again, any man who likes cats, Persians no less, is a man after my own heart...

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    I adore Chuck! I can see why some women would be attracted to him. He is well groomed and still hot for his age, he loves his daughters and cat, does volunteer work with youths and is very compassionate. I think a lot of what he says is just to try and appear macho. He doesn't want people to know how vulnerable he is. But you can see it when he is so easily hurt by his daughters. Also in how disappointed he was that the blind date couldn't make it. In one episode he talks about how he only has his cat to talk to, that made my heart go out to him. I don't think I could date him though b/c he seems to act like a kid more often than a man. He likes to get in trouble for attention and pouts. I couldn't deal with that! I am 33 by the way.

    *I agree that spray of colonge down the pants was too much!

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    What I didn't understand was why would you agree to go on a blind date if you have to fly in to get to the date? Seemed odd.

    That boxing training he does isn't volunteer work. He mentioned in the "I'm trying to buy a car but can't find my money" episode that he also had a check from the gym.

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