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Thread: So how does Melissa do it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shop-o-holic View Post
    Has anyone ever noticed that Emily, who only recently started in the office, has a Louis Vuitton purse?? It looks like Melissa isn't the only one that spends large amounts of money on material items (not that there's anything wrong with that!!) Just wondering how they all do it (maybe the reality TV profits gave their salaries a good boost?)
    I thought I read somewhere that they don't get paid for being on the show, but that doesn't seem right.


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    John Greeney

    Does anyone have any idea how I can contact John? I have the major HOTS for him!!!!!

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    Lori Lu
    Is anyone watching the reruns? I just ordered the First Season DVD. I can't enough of the Wissmiller Family. I'm from MI so maybe that's why I can relate to them. I sure miss their show. I'm so curious as to what they are up to NOW????? Does anyone have any scoop?

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