I would just like to say, that I have read many bad reviews concerning Family Plots, and I totally disagree with the opinions of these know-it-alls, who in reality, DON'T know jack! I,myself, can totally relate to this Italian family, and laugh at
what I have experienced with my family, which seems
to be watching myself with all the same feelings, and reactions,that I once went through, years ago!
The only difference is, this time I am laughing!
I lost both my mom and dad recently, and I am not
over the grieving yet. I have a hard time dealing
with anything pertaining to death, without crying.
I was not planning to watch this show, but it came on after a show I had watched. I love the song intro, and started watching the show, and found myself laughing, and getting such a kick out of all the funny situations and similar scenarios I have experienced with my family! This was the first time I was able to deal with losing my parents, and was recalling times past,with warm and loving memories!(without the usual flood of tears!)
I really like this show, and I do hope it stays on, for a long time to come! Thank you for showing me how to deal with my loss, with a little laughter,lots of smiles,and warm memories! I hope there are others who enjoy it too.