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Thread: Family Plots Show #6, This shouldn't Happen at all!

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    Family Plots Show #6, This shouldn't Happen at all!

    First scene, Chuck teaching young teens how to get brain damage in an occupation they call a sport. He decides to put up a heavy bag in the garage of the mortuary to help everyone with the stress of the job. I guess beating on the bag instead of Rick is the way to keep your job . John helps him put it up, as soon as they decide how to make a drill work and what a hook is. These two don't seem to be the most mechanically inclined guys in the world. Chuck thinks of John as a son, and John thinks of Chuck as a father now that his parents are gone.

    The general consesus is that John is the strongest in the place since he came from the ME side of things first and has seen most every type of death. He wants to end up in Forensics but is barely able to survive in San Diego on his salary right now and raise a family.

    Chuck gets Shonna in gloves and starting on the heavy bag. He taught them all how to box from an early age.

    John gets a call, there is going to be a baby funeral because the docs dont't think when it is born that its going to last for long. John takes these calls since he has gone through an infant death of his own and can empathise with the family. Rick admires John and says he is the best at handling infant deaths. Of course Rick runs and hides when a call comes in since he can't handle dealing with any family at all. :rolleyes

    Emily is on the bag with Chuck now. Going to be sore hands all over the company when Chuck gets done.

    John handles the father very well and gets on the bag to work out his stress. The day of the funeral, he gets a dose of Beuracracy as the year of death on the permit was wrong and the people at the health department doesn't have the brains to correct it for the mortuary. They will screw you over from the beginning of life and past the end of it. An emotional time for all except the cold-hearted robots of government. Emily comes in and gets things straight after Dave and Rick get their meddling hands in the act and show that they no nothing about running things day to day.:phhht The funeral is on time and runs smoothly. John gets on the bag for final stress reduction for the day.

    Melissa gets to workout the bag, in heels!!! I think she is a camoflauged blonde!! Breaks a heel, better than a fist.

    An emotional show tonight dealing with infant death, a subject that has no feasable explanation as to why it happens and the justification of it. An everyday part of life that sucks big time.
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    Best of all

    I really like this show. Have always been interested in forensics (WAY before it became popular). I think show #6 was the best so far. I think I liked it because it showed, to me, the most sensitivity. John was amazing, dealing with this family who had lost their child. Sadly, he had to go through losing his own son at the age of one year, but he has made as much sense out of it as he can (if that is at all possible) and wants to help others with their losses of children. This particular show gave me a few chuckles, with these funny, loving, talented, and sometimes crazy "family," game me pause for thought to see this couple lose their child and try to even imagine their feelings, and made me cry, not only for the family's loss, but probably even more for John and his loss and the way he dealt with the whole situation. I thought this was the best show thus far, allowing you to feel so many different emotions, see what goes on in the world most of us are afraid even to talk or think about, much less watch on television. I will continue to watch.

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    Just wanted to take the chance to hop in with my first post here. I just recently started watching Family Plots and it took me awhile to get into it, but now I enjoy watching it.

    I feel real bad for John who is obviously still so sad and bitter over the loss of his son. My nephew and his wife plus my brother and his wife have lost small children so I know how painful it is.

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    And I also feel bad for John.

    Good job Ilikai!

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