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Thread: Family Plots 5/3 show #5 Money just sliding through my fingers

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    Family Plots 5/3 show #5 Money just sliding through my fingers

    Family Plots 5/3 Show #5

    Our show starts with those wonderful words in the morning....COFFEE!!!! Rick loves coffee, Shonna loves coffee, Dave loses his coffee, and everyone smokes. I guess you could say that there is better working through chemistry While Dave is looking for his coffee, he drops off some clothes to Shonna for a departed. He does this without looking at the corpse, Dave doesn't like to see the bodies. A Funeral Director that gets squimish around the main part of his business. Thats like a Kennedy that doesn't like booze and women. Chuck on the other hand has his own problems, he is trying to buy a car, but can't seem to remember what he did with the $500 cash he was going to use for a down payment. Then while talking to the camera, he can't remember what it was that he couldn't remember just a minute ago. Scatterbrained comes to mind, but not sure how much brain is left right now. Shonna has to deal with a family making final arraignments and gets herself in a tizzy over it so she grabs the bottle of windex and starts cleaning and sterilizing everything in sight, even the floor drain. Definetly an OCD sufferer. She doesn't like dealing with the families because she gets emotionaly involved with them. She shouldn't have to work in front and David should be doing all the families if they don't like doing each others jobs. Back to Chuck we go, he had the kids mom, his exwife drive him to the mortuary so that he can try and find the money he lost. Their relationship is a love-hate thing, the relationship with his kids is a love-hate thing. I am starting to love to hate him too. So Chuck can't find the money, then he loses his paycheck that he was going to use for the car. The salesman thats going to sell him the car picks him up and Chuck has him do U-turns so that he can go back and not find the money. Maybe he just thinks he had the money in the first place. Maybe he just thinks he has a job and a life too. The end of the show is a family gathering at Shonna's and her hubby... whatshisname. We never do get his name. All we know is that he buys her windex for Christmas. We leave watching the family have a good time together over pasta and wine. A nice ending.
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    Nice recap!

    I kept waiting for the guy selling Chuck the car to reach over and smack him. I guess Shonna (I think she's the one who brought it up) was right when she said boxing and all that drinking has really taken a toll on the guy. All I know is, I know exactly where my paycheck is at all times - I'd staple it to my forehead if I was afraid I'd lose it.

    I felt so badly for Shonna when she was doing those arrangements. As sweet as she is, it can't be healthy for her to be so emotionally involved and to feel so personally responsible for the whole thing. I know I saw Rick wandering around the office, so why wasn't he handling it? Shonna's daughter is a sweetie, it was so nice of her to invite those girls back in the other room to watch a video with her rather than have to sit there through the funeral arrangements. Maybe there was no sitter available, but I'm not sure what the woman was thinking, bringing two young girls to that kind of thing.

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    there was a casket in the room where the two girls went to watch television. =P
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