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Thread: Family Plot Episode #1: Blood is thicker than water

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    to the site, DoctorDon!

    Thanks for the "inside info" to the area and what you know about the filming. It's always interesting to know what is "real" and what is not.
    I totally agree about the distastful and disrespectful act of piling the boys in the back with the deceased.
    Not sure why they'd want to air that on television in the first place. (setup or not) Were they wishing that we'd all get a good chuckle because the boys were "uncomfortable"? :rolleyes
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    Thanks for the welcome. Aside from a few poor judgements in taste, I found the show fascinating, and do plan to continue watching it. I'll be sure to chime in whenever I can add any local insights.

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    I'd really like to watch this show. Do they show the actual dead body on the show?

    It seems like this show might try to play off as a comedy.

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    yes they do show some bodies, but so far its dignified. Besides I don't think this family is the type to do practical jokes with a deceased.
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    I think they're very respectful. I like to think of it as American Chopper in a funeral home. Give it a try, Frostelized!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoctorDon
    I happen to live in Poway, a little over a mile from this mortuary, so I could see how the production staff either deliberately set up some made-for-TV situations and/or the editors were less than honest in their depictions. For example, in the rush to the cemetary, they showed Chuck driving through very heavy traffic, with apparently a long way to go. I even spotted a PeMex gas station in the background, which would have put him in Tijuana. That footage must have been added for drama, because he ended up at a cemetary which is less than 3 miles away.

    They also showed Chuck loading the box with a body in the back of the van before picking up the boys, apparently because he had to take them to the gym on the way to the airport. The gym in question is actually located directly across the street from the mortuary, so there was no reason for that. He could have gone back over to pick up the body when he was done at the gym. I think that was probably the most distasteful and disrepectful point in the show.

    Finally, when we were treated to the girls going out for a night on the town, we were led to believe that they were driving some distance. The bar they ended up at was right around the corner, and they could just as well have walked there.
    Thanks for all the info, DoctorDon!

    I think I just might wind up liking this show. But I'd also like to know what the "real deal" is!

    The boys in the back with the body? Totally unnecessary, IMO. I hope somebody says something to the family about points like this. And correct me if I'm wrong, anybody, but after all that ya-ya about putting the boys in the back with the body (after saying he was going to get the kids and take them along to the airport to deliver the body), it looked to me like Chuck loaded the body, got the kids, went to the gym, then went to the airport later on.

    I'll watch that again. But if that IS how that happened, somebody definitely needs to pull their coats about poor taste and crappy editing.

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    I didn't get a good 1st impression

    Thank goodness you did this wonderful recap, I tuned in last night at the part where Emily comes in, flings her pizza, calls her Dad an asshole , storms out, then orders some one else in to clean up her mess.Personally , I thought the whole scene quite contrive and set up. Is it worth watching the next epi? I'm sitting on the fence here.

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    if the series of 7 is starting again do watch it queeny!! Epi's 3&4 will justify it.
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    I enjoyed the show.. got a real good laugh of some of the behind the scenes of an actual funeral. Yes they showed some deceased bodies, but thank God they didn't show them being embalmed. I for one couldn't deal with that. The family argued, hugged, laughed just as most families do in real life. I loved the quip about Shonna going around everywhere with a bottle of Windex, because she is such a "neat freak".

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    What's funny (to me) about that fight in the lunch room is that I can understand both sides. I'm a very private person myself and I wouldn't like someone announcing to the world my medical problems, regardless of how serious they are (or not). I can also understand Emily being angry at him cause it's really hard to take medical advice seriously from someone who doesn't take his own health seriously.

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