The staff of the Poway Bernardo Mortuary picks the wrong day to try to stop smoking on a cash bet, when embalmer Shonna gets one of the most challenging reconstruction cases of her career – a woman who died at the wheel of her car in a horrific crash.
The family of the deceased is desperate to be able to view their mother and to say goodbye. The pressure and tension is on the gang to try to make the deceased look good enough for her family to see her one last time. The woman has broken every bone in her body, and the risk is that although the family thinks they’re prepared, they could actually be traumatized for life by seeing their grandmother in this state. Shonna is driven by her professionalism and empathy to do the best job she can in putting the woman back together, but she’s tortured by not being able to make her perfect. As the intense stress fuels the gang’s desire to smoke, the nicotine starts to call them back one at a time…