Family Plots throws open the parlor door to the inner workings of San Diego's, family-run Poway Bernardo Mortuary. Its staff is an intriguing assortment of family members and other unusual characters who compassionately console grieving families on a daily basis. Three beautiful sisters, their hot-blooded father, an exacting boss, a quirky funeral director, and a stream of anguished patrons, comprise the cast of this groundbreaking new real-life series. In this premier episode, set over one busy day, we meet the Wissmiller family and experience first hand not just their unique family dynamic and life affirming humor, but also the intensity and pathos of the world they work in.

Life, and death, for the staff at the mortuary is busier then ever when head embalmer, Shonna, suddenly realizes that they have less than 30 minutes to get a deceased's body into it's casket and to the funeral. While her father Chuck fights San Diego traffic to make the service on time, Shonna is rushing to dress and cosmetize another body for a family viewing at the mortuary - a perfectionist -- she wants to create the perfect lasting visual memory of their loved one.

At lunch the Wissmiller family dynamic is on full display when an argument flares between Chuck and his youngest daughter Emily, who takes it out on their pizza. As Shonna puts the finishing touches on the deceased and the staff prepares the mortuary for the family's arrival, a blown circuit breaker threatens the impending wake.

At the end of the day, after one last embalming, the three sisters head out for a girls night on the town, while Chuck (after a rare apology to Emily) has to drive a group of young boxers he is training in the company van to the gym. But for the kids, there is a catch-they must share their seat in the back of the van with the body Chuck is taking to the airport for shipment.