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    John Greeney

    Funeral Director, apprentice embalmer and the most recently adopted member of the Poway staff. John is always juggling his family responsibilities with work. He's also the most compassionate funeral director in the home's arsenal. John has adopted Chuck as a father figure and often pals up with him on body removals and funerals.

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    I loved it when he was the first to lose the smoking ban bet. This guy is all heart.

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    I agree. John is all heart. Seems the most sensitive of "the family," maybe a little too serious sometimes, seems shy in a way, but definitely all heart.

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    John is seriously my favorite character on the show and the reason I watch. The guy is just the man of that place.

    I like him because on the surface he's always calm but underneath you can totally tell that he's a constantly erupting volcano.

    I also like him because not only do I think he's the most bad ass character on the show but I also think he's the most sensitive guy in the place. He's never in the spotlight but he's always there to make sure things go right. For instance when Chuck and Rick almost came to blows he pulled Chuck out of there and took care of him. Also, during the screaming and yelling afterwards he stayed out of it even though the girls came yelling at him to jump into it. Also, he's been there for everyone when they need him no matter where he's at emotionally or mentally. Also, he's really good with families.

    I just think John is an extremely cool guy.

    Sorry to bring up a old topic but I just wanted to comment on my favorite character on the show.

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    John is a great guy to be working in a crazy place. He seem very cool than the another worker.

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    Kudoh's to John...

    I'd agree, John's probably the most stable, next to Rick. Considering that Rick seems to spend most of his time doing crossword puzzles, deligating responsibilities, hiding behing the scenes, and barking off orders while providing no real solutions to the day-to-day operations of the business. My point is, Rick can afford to be stable, as long as he can afford to pay a staff to jump whenever he snaps. John should've gone off on him. He doesn't need Shonna to fight his battles for him. John's quite capable of taking care of himself.

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