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Thread: Chuck Wissmiller

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    I like Chuck too! I think he's adorable, funny and tough...all in one package!

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    Does anyone know Chucks birthday?

    I seem to have read someone knew Chuck back in Grand Rapids. By any chance, do you or anyone, know his birthday? Or maybe, where I might find that out?
    I know he is 63, as they had mentioned it on the show, but what is his birthdate? Thanks for any answers! Also, whats Shonna's?

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    I finally got in touch with chuck!

    Hi there,

    I finally got in touch with chuck! I was able to get ahold of the shows publicist and wrote her a letter which she forwarded to him. He called me last night and we really had a great time talking!

    Here ia an excerpt from the letter:

    "I knew Chuck when he lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We dated briefly as I was quite young, and I was scared when men looked were ogling me at a stoplight and he wanted to get out of the car and beat them up. We then became very good friends. He showed me pictures when he was a golden gloves boxer and took me to a golden gloves match, featuring Floyd Merriwether, jr. That was great fun, and Floyd Jr. remembered me because I told his father, Floyd Sr. off . I got blood all over my shirt, as it was white and I sat in the front row!
    Chuck was a liquor salesmen and was getting into arguments all the time. I was with him at the Tiny Giant party store when Chuck got into a fight with another salesman. He has a heart of gold and would give anyone the shirt off his back. He always rooted for the underdog and would always fight for what he thought was fair.
    I lived with Chuck for a while at his condo. It was great he used to show me pictures of all his friends he used to run with and most of them were not around because they were murdered.
    I know that he wanted a relationship with me and I really liked him, but everyone thought he was too old for me and I was a bit worried about his temper. I always wanted to be with him, but I was really young and susceptible to others opinions. And really stupid, because he was so wonderful to me.
    I cannot remember everything in chronological order, but I remember Chuck sold his condo and moved to Bay City, Michigan for awhile and then came back to GR. We were connected again and he was looking for a place to live and there was an apartment for rent above me and so he moved in. I gave him a bed and some furniture to get him started. It was really comfortable knowing that he was upstairs.
    I had a very early midlife crisis and sold everything I had a went on a very strange trip to Texas and all over the south. Chuck, a friend of mine and I had problems over a piece of furniture. I told chuck that I cared for him deeply, but I could not take sides. Chuck and could not keep in touch after that because I was in my own little world, traveling the country, sort of a sabbatical from life. A time to contemplate and figure out what I wanted.
    By the time I figured out what I wanted, it seemed to be too late. I came back to Grand Rapids and wanted to tell Chuck how sorry I was that was so young and stupid, and didn't see how great he was, and that if he was not involved with anyone that I wanted to know if we could give it a try. But, he had moved!
    I found a couple men who knew he was in California, but by the time they gave me his number, it was disconnected and he had moved. I felt so sad, but then I got busy with my career, ( I am a psychologist and one of my specialties is grief counseling) and I also was acting and singing with my trio.
    So this brings us up to speed with the present. One night last week, I had the flu, the vomiting type, and was flipping through the channels and I stopped on A & E. I thought I saw Chuck and then decided I had a fever and was delusional. But I looked again, and it was him!!!
    I would really like to get in touch with him, because I have not seem him since 1998. I miss him so much."

    It was great talking to him and we will keep in touch, he is the greatest!

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    Congrats, Leniw. BTW, I live about 30 miles west of you

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    We like Chuck

    My boyfriend and I happened upon FAMILY PLOTS while channel surfing and we're hooked. Chuck is our favorite on this show.
    He reminds me of my dad. I have 2 sisters too and our father was also a boxer in his youth, so there are similarities that remind me of my family.....Although we don't work together or in a mortuary.

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    Chuck's still on match.com

    Didn't take long to find him either. Try this link. He should be 1/2 way down the page. I'm not a member, so I can't get in to read the rest.


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    Actually, I decided to join just so I could read his profile. It doesn't cost anything to join. I didn't know Chuck is 5'10"....

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    Quote Originally Posted by dannielle2
    Actually, I decided to join just so I could read his profile. It doesn't cost anything to join. I didn't know Chuck is 5'10"....
    Well in guy speak that means he is 5"8" with his shoes on.

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    Does Anyone Have Any Pictures of Chuck?

    I know this is kinda weird seeing as how Chuck is like, 30+ years older than me, but he is a very attractive guy. Sigh. Can anyone get any screenshots for me?

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