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Thread: Rick Sadler

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    Well... I guess we know why he doesn't do anything now he's not allowed to. Shonna David and John all have their licenses (I think?) and they are the ones doing all of the work.
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    Rick the Ex-Con.....

    Maybe the reason Melissa dumped Rick the Jerk is because she found out about his criminal past. I am yet to see what she sees in him. He is not the least bit attractive and he has the personality of a deranged porcupine.

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    Last nights episode infuriated me. (8- 05)
    1) Poor little Rick having to deal with time cards instead of fulfilling his job working his crossword puzzles.
    2) When Chuck was telling Rick he wanted to be paid for the hours that he worked, Rick replied with the professional remark, "F*#% You".
    3) When Chuck told Rick "Good morning" he completely ignored him.
    4) He needs a lesson in "respecting ones elders". Making fun of Chuck for his forgetfulness isn't funny, just overboard.
    1) I really do like Shonna, but she needs to be a little bit more faithful and respectful to her dad. Telling him that he's psycho when she didn't even have a clue what was going on was a little bit overboard.
    2) She needs to remember that Chuck is a recovering alcoholic. I admire someone, who can still stay sober after being around Rick and Shonna all day.
    3) Why did Shonna call her mom and exaggerate that Chuck try to hit Rick, when she didn't witness it? I would love to see Chuck knock him on his @$#!! He deserved it.

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    my view on Rick the Boss

    I think Rick really needs to chill out, and back off of his staff so much and let them be themselves. Plus give up the cursing, it does not suite him. As a mortition myself it is a "Professional Business" to the general public, I do know that if I had a loved one in this Morturary I don't think I'd like the staff fighting and cursing over their Remains!

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    I agree with Mommy of 2 boys. I was so angry after the 8/05 show. Who does Rick think he is?? Did anyone see his eyes when Chuck pushed the door open. He was scared crapless!! Then sits in his car and says " this ain't my first rodeo. He better make sure it's a good one (punch)"!! I mean, a guy that falls in love every show? Making out with them in front of the camera, saying he loves them??? Something wrong here. Just trying to make Emily jelous I am sure. Shonna? I am really angry with her as well. Her outburst about Chuck being psycho was way out of line. I think deep down she harbors a lot of resentment towards Chuck for there upbringing and how he treated their mom. I was so angry on Sunday!! It feels good to get that off my mind. And whats with Ricks red eyes? Kinda creepy!!!

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    I am so with you Mommy of 2 boys. I was fuming after that episode. And last night's...8/14... Rick hired the counselor basically to deal with Chuck. WHAT?????? Rick is CLEARLY the one with issues! He doesn't do anything but moan and complain and act like he's the boss. The boss of what? And how does that guy have money? I don't get it. I don't get him. I know Chuck has some stuff to deal with also but I felt like he got so unfairly attacked. Rick needs help. Why did no one acknowledge that? I think they must be afraid of him. Jobs must be real hard to come by there in San Diego if they are working for an ex-con that they are obviously all too afraid to stand up to. All except Chuck. I was cheering when I saw him challenge Rick as someone should have many months ago.

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    I hate Rick.

    He instigates problems, is horrible at dealing with his employees, and is just a whiny "poor me" guy.

    I don't like Chuck much either but I think Rick deserved more guilt than Chuck for that whole explosion between the two.

    It's getting to the point where just seeing Rick's face pisses me off haha

    I seriously have a theory that Rick and Shonia are secretly in love with each other.

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    Another thing that I can't stand about Rick:

    Him calling Shonna on the phone drunk when everyone was suppose to be celebrating a loved one's birthday? GET A LIFE RICK!!!! That was so overboard to worry people like that. Wasn't it just a week or so later that he brought his "new" girlfriend to the funeral home to show her off? He has Shonna wrapped around his finger and she should be embarrassed and ashamed of herself.

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    And whats with Ricks red eyes? Kinda creepy!!![/QUOTE]

    ARGHHH.. I saw the ghoulish red eyes too....whats up!!!!

    I also believe that he is SOOO in love with shonna... It seems that they have more of a past than he does with her sister....anyone know about this??

    I also think that Shonna likes to have ALL attention drawn to her whether its positive or negative...hence her freaking out on her dad about something she didn't even witness.....

    alas though, something once written about the act of observing that changes the actions of the observed......

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    rick and shonna

    rick and shonna are "best friends" --
    they do seem strangely close. i mean why would a man in his 50's be best friends with a woman in her 30's. unless its because she is a "link" to melissa who is still obsessed with. he's been married 3 times. he must be a great catch LOL

    RUN SHONNA RUN!!!!!!

    she seems happily married so hopefully there is no funny stuff going on in that garage of theirs.

    i love this show -- i hope season 3 is on the way.

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