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Thread: Shonna Smith

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    I LOVE Shonna!!! I think she is my favorite on the show (besides Chuck!). I wonder how long she has been in the business & how long she has worked for Rick. I admire her so much for her work ethic, her family values and for being such a caring mother! YOU ROCK SHONNA!!!

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    Is Shonna and Lisa Ann Walker the same?

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    [QUOTE=kimbi]Kinda surprised nobody mentioned this yet. I was watching a movie and the actress in it was a dead ringer for Shonna. Her name was Lisa (Walters, I believe). I remember her as having her own show a while back. They even sound alike![/QUOTE

    Shoona IS Lisa Ann Walter. Check out "Shall We Dance" She also has a part in that movie!

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    Oh yeah, Shonna's great. How would you like to be married to that for the next forty years? What's she going to do with her life, beside become even more bitter, and fatter. I suspect that she will kill Chuck (probably in his sleep). She's an arrogant loud mouth who thinks she's got it all figured out. Fact is, she refuses to learn anything new, right, or correct. I agree that she prefers the company of the dead to the living, hell, the dead can't talk back.

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    If you paid attention to the show, you'd know that she's been doing this since she was 18 years old.

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    Shonna Smith

    Shonna's absolutely terrible. I'm suprised that she's capable of kissing her mother with that mouth. Considering as foul as she speaks, and how often they have to "bleep" her.

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    Seems you have a lot of resentment for her, JDS. Is this simply by watching her on the show, or because you actually know her in the "real life"?
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    No, I don't know her personally. However, I know many just like her. Don't get me wrong, I think everybody has the right to live their life to the best of their ability, (with God's blessing). We're only human, after all. We all make mistakes'. We all have our demond's. Ect... My question is, what makes Shonna so great? Who made her queen? Seems to me that she (Shonna) has a heck of a lot of baggage. Chuck has clearly conquered his alhcoholism. Being sober for 20 years can't be any small feat. Doesn't seem to matter to Shonna or Emily, though. Missy seems to be the only one that provides him (Chuck) with forgiveness and unconditional love. IE... Speed dating. They were both rejected by everyone at the bar. Never-the-less, they (Chuck and Missy) joked about going out with each other. That's a serious bit of quiet humor that only a father and daughter can enjoy.

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    I researched the internet for you, to some degree, and I found that Lisa Ann Walker made movies from 1959 to 1962. However, there was a Lisa Ann Walker that had a bit part in "Bruce Almighty" starring Jim Carrey. According to Shonna on "Family Plots", she's started this embalmbing thing in Chicago at age 18. Given that the show is a year old when it's broadcast, that makes her 36 or 37, by her own admission. Hence, if that's to be beleived, she must've been born sometime after 1962, like 1967. If so, there's no way that Shonna Smith and Lisa Ann Walker can be the same person.

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    I believe you are mistaken. I researched Lisa Ann Walker's filmography and here are her film credits. As you can see she started her film career in 1996.

    Actor Lisa Ann Walker

    The Naughty Show (2005)

    War of the Worlds (2005)

    Shall We Dance? (2004)

    Bruce Almighty (2003)

    The Parent Trap (1998)

    Eddie (1996)

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