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Thread: Lauren Hildebrandt - Group Four

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    Fame obviously has the worst taste in performers and cannot pick someone who actually has talent. I would never buy any cd's made by any of the finalists except Serenna....and Harlem should be kicked off for lying about his age. Not praised for it. This is an unfair show.

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    Watching Lauren perform is absolutely breathtaking. Her voice is so amazing and just listening to her voice gives me chills. Wow...what a great perfomer. The show really let go one of the best ones they had. I seriously think that they are trying to pick the worst person. Gary and Lauren had talent where is the talent from Shannon and Jamison? Please...show me a real performer!

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    I was definitely sorry to see Lauren go.. she wasn't top on my list but she was around in the middle... from what I saw she is extremely talented in both dancing & singing... I think her drawback was that she didn't show enough personality... not enough to win enough fans anyway...

    Her performance of "Last Dance" was good but didn't exactly excite me.. but if given the chance I'm sure she would have shone more...

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    I had to tape FAME last night cause I worked a double, but now that I just watched it, wow. Justin over Lauren and over Gary. I'm disgusted. Lauren was beautiful and looked gorgeous on stage. How cruel of them to just whisk her off stage without even a thank you. At least they said something nice to Gary.
    I thought she would be in the top six. Maybe she wasn't different enough, but she was a true triple threat. She had the strongest vocals of the girls.

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    she was gonna end up goin anyways

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    at some point, but over Justin. She had great legs and a strong voice and anyone would have been better than Justin. America got it wrong, as Simon would say. Does America even understand the concept of triple threat. He's a triple dose of nothing.

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    She was kind of whisked off abruptly. A thank you and a chance to bow out would have been nice. She didn't do that well last time, but certainly deserved a place over Justin.

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    Exactlt. the AI contestants were treated with more dignity. everyone said she didn't do that well. But neither did Moy, Jamison or Justing. She wasn't gonna win the thing but at least America could have seen someone with class over Justin.

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    Hi! This is my first post Been lurking for quite awhile but I love the recaps and the comments!

    I predicted that Lauren would go this week because she was more "in the middle". After watching AI2, it seemed like the ones who were perceived as "underdogs" like Carmen, brought out voters who wanted to "save" them. People in the middle of the curve like Charles, seemed to go first.

    After watching last week, based on that logic, Justin and Jamieson would likely get votes to save them from elimination. Although I thought Lauren was one of the stronger performers, it seemed like she was neither good nor bad enough to attract a loyal fanbase. (I think Garry just turned off too many with the perceived ego/attitude.)

    I was waiting to hear both Lauren and Garry's comments- what?! No "tell mama how you feel"? At least they got to be in a last group number but geez, I really felt for all of them, esp. towards the end.

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    Mellotune, I think you're exactly right. Everyone thought Lauren was right in the middle of the pack. She didn't offend anyone like Justin and didn't pull on your heartstrings like Raymond and didn't have killer dance moves like Shannon. She was a good, solid performer. She didn't deserve to go, but you hit the nail on the head.

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