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Thread: Group 2

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    Re: Group 2

    Originally posted by enygma
    Group 2

    Jameison Tiangco

    Todd Evans

    Serena Henry

    Ryan Chotto

    Brandon ONeal

    Michelle Livigne
    I enjoyed watching FAME last week... certainly would watch it tonight... since I'm Deaf and I tend to go for the looks... (little bit biased am I?!?!?! LOL) It's just a hunch of who'll advance tonight... Serena, Ryan and Michelle... again, it's just a guess! Nothing proven, nothing against the other three... just a first impression... I know I shouldn't judge the "book by its cover." I'll tune in tonight to find out if anyone'll blow me away... anyway, love the way all of the semi-finalists come together and did their thing on stage last week... hope tonight will do the same, but with different format or whatever that is...
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    I saw a commercial and it said the 2-hour season premiere of Fame tonight at 8 on CBS or something like that and I was like, "that's not right" so I checked the info thing on my digital cable and it said 8-9, so I was like good, but it said "the first group of 6 perform, yada, yada, yada" So is this a repeat or a new one? I figured it was the new one, but I was just checking.

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    I'm assuming it's a new one. NBC is just a notoriously disorganized network, so they probably haven't gotten around to updating their info and ads (kind of like how their web pages are the least informative/organized of any of the networks - even UPN!).

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    yeah, that's true. Just checking. Thaks Anna!

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    Jameison Tiangco... How could they choose her? The only reaction she got from the crowd was showing her black thong after going on about her grandfather being in the audience and modesty for women in her heritage and she has a completely Britney-level voice. As in none.

    Todd Evans... First I noticed what that he could actually sing which my ears can't say for all of the Fame contestents. Overall, he was alright. He did see a little Broadway or backup singer/dancer to me though. Nice job on the Wonder song especially considering he's a white boy.

    Serena Henry... Great. She's got performing nailed cold. Pretty good voice but I admit to liking Trenyce on AI2's better. They both even have that mic-tapping thing going on. Glad she made it.

    Ryan Chotto... sang quite ok if not really remarkably in terms of setting himself apart. The song definitely isn't my favourite though. However, he really stands apart as a dancer. He's very easy on the eyes too in a teddy bear way. Probably sang a little too high school talent show but seems like he could do more.

    Brandon ONeal... Ok, so he can do a Michael Jackson dance impersonation and thrust his hips. Vocally he wasn't that interesting. I wasn't feeling it. And he'll never be anything close to Michael Jackson and I'm not even much of an MJ fan.

    Michelle Livigne... completely unremarkable. I thought she did a bad job on Black Velvet. Sure she can dance but she was so over-the-top on everything else, had distracting facial quirks and so forth. Zzz.

    My choices were Serena, Ryan and either Todd or possibly cookie-cutter Brandon.

    I wasn't happy with the choices (I really wanted Ryan!) and threatened to never watch again for picking Jameison to move on to the finals. She. Can't. Sing. :

    Glad to see Joey loosened up a bit over last time. Why didn't we get comments from Debbie on Ryan? Seems they skipped her comment opportunity nearer the end of the show.

    So far Serena is my favourite of the show. I only heard the final two from last week and this weeks so I'm a little behind. :cool:

    As an aside, it doesn't seem quite fair that Serena is up there competing with total unknowns given her touring experience with Gladys Knight. If she wins it all, even with her talent, I wonder if she's not a "ringer".

    After AI2, I can't say I'm very trusting of reality tv. *sigh*

    Finally (honest!), why does everyone talk up Michael Jackson and then find it necessary to more or less immitate him? That's impressive at a high school level, or to show off for friends but for a career? Give me a break! Do they not realize you become a "legend" by setting yourself apart from the past or present, not by being a pale immitation? You want to be the first *you* not the next somebody else. *sighs* :rolleyes:

    It gets worse (disrespectful, even) when that somebody still has their own active career like Jacko. The same madness is going on lately with Stevie Wonder idolization with wannabes doing covers or immitating his singing style. Anyone remember that "Miss California" guy? Exactly my point. Ugh. :rolleyes:
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    I also noticed that Debbie didn't comment on Ryan, maybe it was a time element thing. Brandon (Chopper) was too cheesy with the pelvic thrusts. It wasn't sexy and looked cheap and lacked any talent in comparision to the others--especially Ryan. I can see Ryan trying out for a dance scholarship, working for some troups, and ending up with Twyla Tharp.

    Did anyone else think the audio for the singing contestants was too low?

    Yes, Joey did loosen up. He should get better weekly.

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