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Thread: Episode 1: I'm Gonna ReLive Forever

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    Im Gonna Relive forever

    “ Fame costs and right here's where you start paying”
    Since I missed the first ten minutes, that’s how Debbie Allen started the 80’s TV show.

    Originally a movie, then a TV show that spawned a musical, and now the reality TV show version. Talk about your cash cow. There have been a lot worse things that have been milked, believe me. The reason the franchise is so successful is one Debbie Allen.

    Allen has done it all, Academy Awards broadcasts, Hollywood movie production, and Kennedy Center performances. She has has ended up back on TV to outperform the likes of ‘Star Search’, ‘American Idol’, ‘All American Girl’ in the reality TV version of Fame. She adds in her own mix of ‘Boot Camp” and tough mama that cannot be copied by anyone else. The show promises to find what the others didn’t, a triple threat - a singer, dancer and a personality. If you think about it, there aren’t that many of those in the public eye. The other reality TV ‘performance’ shows scratched the surface, but this one promises to blow it wide open.

    The show opens with Debbie and Joey Fatone recanting the audition process with a live audience. Here is the first glimmer of promise. Fatone , fresh from a stint in the Broadway production of Rent, offers a host who is already a successful performer. (Oh yeah he’s part of that multi- zillion selling boy band too).I can’t seem to recall the last thing Arsenio Hall, or Geri Haliwell did, and I don’t think Ryan Seacrest ever did anything to recall .

    The auditions were held in NYC, Miami, Chicago and LA. From what I gather on the net, the show auditions were very hush hush , with the call only going out to the existing performing arts community. You would think that would exclude those with no talent at all showing up for a lark. Not so . There were still those for whatever reason, felt they had to grace us with what they (only in their own minds) thought was a show-stopping performance. The show reviewed sifting through the hopefuls. Both the horrible and breathtaking were well represented. Even to the losers, Allen offered gentle encouragement when she noted a very young or very nervous performance. The bad ones were laughed off good naturedly, the really bad ones got an eyeroll , but all were thanked politely . Here is where the true expertise comes in. This lady has sat through hundreds of thousands of real life auditions without a TV camera in place to revive a career.( sound familiar ?)

    NYC (of course) yielded a vast array of truly talented performances. Home of the real life School of performing arts, New York offered up 17 semi-finalists instead of the 12 they were expecting. Typical Broadway type performances here, with a dash of hip hop dance.
    It seemed to be Debbie alone who has the final say. Pseudo judges put in place to torture participants simply for TV shock value, are nowhere to be found.

    Miami was a real mix of talent. South Beach cool and salsa with a splash of Disney production. Debbie noted at this point, her inspiration was to give a venue for the many talented people the world deserves to see. I swear I heard Alicia Keys “Falling” a hundred times. Since the performers were very young , it’s not surprising they would choose that song– over(and over) from the set list. 12 were chosen with Debbie’s parting words- Keep working, dancing and dreaming. That’s how it happens.
    I’m seeing a pattern of constructive criticism forming, that is so superior to the self-serving destructive kind seen on the other shows. By the time Miami’s performances have gone by, I’ve decided this show is worth watching.

    Next Stop - Chicago. It looked like more than a fair share of nuts stopped off to audition here. No Catherine Zeta-Jones or René Zellweger in sight. Between the lady who kept screeching till Debbie told her she sounded like a cat had her by the throat, to the unemployed guy who had nothing better to do, Chicago looked like the auditions took their toll on Ms. Allen. One young lady took it upon herself to re-audition again in Chicago, after she had been turned down in NYC. She gave (probably) the exact same awful rendition of Lady Marmalade on second try. I really wonder who told this kid she had talent, because they didn’t do her any favors. Chicago also had some Barbie types turned away and very upset because in their words, the dances were just “Too HARD” Those pesky performers with real talent, seemed to breeze right through them leaving the Barbie’s complaints suspect.

    Last stop was LA. We were ‘treated’ to Benjamin Bratt, and Juliana Margulies pretending to audition. Sorry guys, they were looking for real talent here.
    In Debbie’s words “Everyone and their Mama showed up” for the cattle call .The talented performances were offset by some French guy appearing to rap ( I think – I’m not really sure and I understand a fair bit of French) and an audition by a real drag queen. The drag queen had some talent, but since this is network and not cable, Middle America just ain’t ready for her yet. The most interesting thing about LA, were the free form dance performances. They were simplyawe-inspiring. It would not surprise me if there wasn’t a single dance class amongst those kids. They erased any memory I still had of the Idol performances.

    Debbie and Joey ended the audition recap with a tribute to “those who had the courage to try” The most stunning revelation, was that it appeared Jesus himself had tried out. I could tell by the hair and the tell tale red and green ensemble. Unfortunately his dance talent resembled the chicken dance instead of the riverdance. Better luck next time…

    The second part of this show were the finalists as a whole doing a group performance , and then performances by the first group of six . The semi – finalists came “ready to work” The group performance was explosive, and again erased any similarity between this and Idol, AG , or Star Search. Not a spokes model, or singer with their feet nailed to the floor in sight. The wardrobe however was horrid , especially for the girls. Kind of a cross between Elvira and Jean-Paul GAUTIER. Chunks of fabric , and torn nylon are something I would rather not revive from the 80’s thanks.

    We next meet the judges, and again it’s a superior crop.
    Johnny Wright – Boy band KING of actual successful current performers N’SYNC (As a group and individually) ,Britney Spears, Christina Milian, and P.Diddy, Boys II Men ,as well as being the original management for The Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block . Even though it’s boy band heavy, none of the other shows had anyone on call who were either currently-or this successful.

    Carnie Wilson – before you dis Carnie, remember she is a successful performer in her own right, as well as a talent judge from birth. As a daughter of Brian Wilson, she grew up with her dad’s genius, as well as a life long exposure to musical royalty. She’s heard a list of the best in her own kitchen, and if nothing else has to be one of the best judges of singing talent because of it.

    JoJo Wright – Billed as LA’s top DJ. Being the top in what’s probably the #1 or 2 radio market is an accomplishment in itself. He has hosted shows on both MTV and the WB. Hard to top this current success. Assuming that he has a hand in the programming of his shows , he would have to be a judge of what is current and extraordinary. That hair has got to go …

    The dancing talent, I assume will be judged by Debbie herself as there is no choreographer in sight. No word on whether JoJo and Johnny are related however.

    The winner gets
    -A management deal with Johnny Wrights -Wright Entertainment Group,
    -A recording contract with Wrights W.I.R.E. records with production by a “superstar”
    I feel compelled to write that the Backstreet Boys had to Sue Johnny Wright for mismanagement and fraud, so watch out babies
    -A year’s training at the Debbie Allen dance Academy
    -1st class suite at the ‘W’ hotel for a year
    -An undisclosed at this time cash prize
    -Career Guidance from a top Hollywood agency.(presumably to counteract the WEG influence)
    Top prizes !

    The shows coming up will be,4 groups of 6 who will do individual performances followed by a group performance. 3 will be cut from each show.

    The first group up are Shannon Bex 23-Portland OR, Danny Alvarez 20- Miami FL, Alex Boyd 18-McLean VA, McKenzie Thomas 20–Chicago IL, Judy Ho 23-San Diego CA, and Gary Adams 21-Merrick NY.

    The outfits are again atrocious. At least the black matched, but whoever put these together was color blind as well as tasteless. It reminded me of the ‘Derelict” collection from Zoolander. What were they thinking?

    Shannon is first up .Personally, Shannon lets the world know she’s getting married in 2 ½ months. I do quick math and wonder if the wedding will interfere with the show. She may not last that long but her performance of Donna Summers Hot Stuff was ok.

    The judges chose to gush , but I’m suspecting the rag chunk outfit cut up to her crotch may have distracted the male judges. Carnie said she had some pitchy moments ( she did) and that it was simply a ‘good’ performance.

    Danny is next and gives an an unexceptional performance of Isn’t She Lovely. He suddenly seems to remember that he has to dance and breaks into a 30 second group of salsa moves.
    Johnny says it’s decent, but noticed that the dance and song aren’t together. Carnie said he was stiff and nervous . JoJo was still gushing over Shannon. Debbie adds he’s every married woman’s fantasy. (Um no, too emaciated for me).

    Mckenzie is next with the musical standard “Don’t Rain on my Parade.” Her dress was so ugly it was distracting. She simply walked from side to side , then suddenly knelt down to flip her hair. Her voice was outstanding however.

    Johnny liked the voice as did Carnie , but wondered where the dancing was. JoJo was preoccupied with the hair flip “ I thought you were looking right at me” Dude you are a judge, I think she was. JoJo is really engrossed by all this moving stuff. He doesn’t seem to have been out of the booth in awhile.

    Alex does his rendition of “Just Friends” I find this ones hair distracting, but he does an excellent job .
    This is echoed by Johnny – very smooth- good package .
    Carnie is distracted by this one ,but it’s the voice not the outfit. He even gets an outstanding from JoJo. we then find out the kid is a ringer having starred in a Debbie A Kennedy Center production at age 14.

    Next up is Judy Ho . Avery pretty girl they have found fit to dress in a cheerleader from hell outfit with mismatched boots. The what the F*ck is she wearing came out of my daughters mouth before she had a chance to censor it. It was that jarring. This poor kids performance Of “Gotta be Real” was equally upsetting. I’m bracing for the judges, but suddenly remember this is a show of constructive criticism not ego stoked destructiveness. All judges say they know she has it in her , but didn’t see it tonight. Debbie says she has potential and Carnie interrupts her . Debbie puts her under the judges table by saying she had her turn. We know who’s in charge now.

    Last performance is from Gary. In snippets we gather , Gary is an awesome dancer. He dedicates MJ’s “Rock with You” to his grandmother.
    His singing is better than Jackson’s, which surprises me. He has trouble with the high notes, but the audience is behind this kid, as he recovers nicely.
    Johnny- A few sour notes which you recovered from and adds all I have to do is watch the girls to see you “have It”Carnie says he’s so adorable she wants to eat him up. As a former 300lb gal, that should scare the crap out of him.JoJo, who brands himself a MJ connoisseur, likes the fact there was no imitation of Michael in his performance.

    At the end of the individual performances Joey F lets everyone know if they send in a tape by July 1, you can join the show in progress. Cool idea. One or more people will be picked from the entry’s. I’d apply , but I threw out my Fame legwarmers years ago.

    The group performance is “for the Love of Money” One of the best funk songs ever. Is this group funky ? No, only Gary and Alex manage to look remotely entertaining in the number. Mostly it’s an off key chorus ..

    The absolute best thing about this show is no mind numbing wait for the bootee’s. Fatone simply re-intros the group one by one, and then announces that Alex, Shannon and Gary are moving to the next round. The losers are given a big hug by Debbie. This is so great. Baby remember my name indeed. I’ll remember to watch the next show anyway…

    Eny does not dance or sing , but does know some of the artsy types in real life (that is why she’s gonna love this show). Next recap shouldn't be as londwinded as this .For all the AI riff raff who are gonna whine and carry on about how unfair I am, and what a conspiracy it is for me to be so one sided, Boo F*in Hoo – Get back to me when the top three from that show go out of their gendre, do a walkover, give some sugar feet or even perform a half decent grapevine.
    Rant and Rave to enygma@fansofrealitytv.com

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    Originally posted by enygma

    No word on whether JoJo and Johnny are related however.

    Great recap... too many excellent snide remarks to quote here.

    Mention to your daughter that great minds think alike... and for some reason I think there were a lot of great minds watching Fame that night.


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    Actually, the girl who auditioned in both New York and Chicago was pretty good, in my opinion, and she made it to the next round. However, she never made the top 24. I think Debbie Allen is a much better judge of talent and more qualified than a number of people picking contestants and I think she did a great job picking contestants for the most part.

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    You forgot to mention the "peace and blessings" girl in her underwear!

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    Nice job Eny, even your sign-off is a trip

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    right behind you
    LOVE the rant n rave! You are awsome.

    I thought you weren't goijng to recap, so was VERY happy to see this in here!

    to a wonderfully funny woman
    "Rice is great when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something' -- Mitch Hedberg

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    Still laughing at the rant

    Great recap eny

    You rock
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Ok, I LOVED the "I go to work" number. It was a good way to get acquainted with the 24 semi-finalists and the dancing was really good too. No complaints here.

    Not-So-Hot Stuff: I didn't really like her at all and was not happy she moved on. Not too impressed.

    Isn't Salsa Lovely: He was a bit boring, and then we have a little interval of his salsa dancing which wakes me up just so I can get bored again. Not too impressed.

    Mckenzie, McKenzie, McKenzie: I thought that was horrible. I couldn't understand the first half of the song and then she started screaming at me the second half and she got down to hump the floor somewhere in there . . . Not too impressed. (are we seeing a trend here?)

    Alex and Just Friends: FINALLY! I feel a need to keep watching the show. His little beat box intro thing was cool and he can sing and he can dance and he's just good. I was finally impressed and happy he moved on.

    Ho Ho Ho: I was loving her in her first auditions and was waiting for her to continue my happiness from Alex. She did. Not for the judges, but I loved it! I was ready for her to move on and then she got bad to okay reviews and then i was very disappointed she didn't move on.

    Rock W/ Gary: This boy can Sang! He was also a good dancer, rivaling Alex for best performance of the evening. Glad he moved on.

    For the Love of God, I mean Money: The dancing was all-right but only the 2 guys that moved on and Judy somewhat impressed me. It's a good song, but not for Group 1.

    I was hoping the last 3 would move on, but I got 2/3 so I'm happy. I'm hoping next week is as good if not better as this week.

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    What price Fame?

    Carnie Wilson – before you dis Carnie, remember she is a successful performer in her own right, as well as a talent judge from birth. As a daughter of Brian Wilson, she grew up with her dad’s genius, as well as a life long exposure to musical royalty. She’s heard a list of the best in her own kitchen, and if nothing else has to be one of the best judges of singing talent because of it.
    I don't know about that. Wasn't her dad out of it most of the time in addition to being under the spell of Dr. Landy?

    Also, I believe that Carnie lived with her Mom who was divorced from Brian.

    Last thing about Carnie Wilson -- her outfit was ugly and inappropriate.

    She adds in her own mix of ‘Boot Camp” and tough mama that cannot be copied by anyone else.
    I was surprised at how entertaining the show was and I would say it was mostly due to Debbie Allen's great personality. She truly seemed to enjoy what she was doing as well as having a genuine fondness for the performers. She is very nurturing.

    Enjoyed the recap very much.

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    I was so impressed with this show. It was very refreshing to watch Debbie Allen at the auditions. Even when she was laughing at the not-so-hot performances you felt she was laughing more "with" than "at." She was both encouraging and demanding of their best. I was surprised at how young some of these talented performers are. And at how hard they had to work for this show. Even those who don't make it past the semi-finals will learn a lot. I liked both Gary and Alex (even though he ran into the others during the group number), but was not as impressed with Shannon. I couldn't help but think how much more interesting AI would have been with Gary in the top 12. I am very much looking forward to next week.

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