There's a pretty good article about the show on Reality News Online that gives a synopsis of the episode. Here is a snippet from teh end that I really agree with:

So there you have it. Next week we’ll get right down to business with six more finalists and the process will continue for two weeks after that. At this point, it looks like there will be twelve finalists going for the gold (depending on if they include some others who send in videotapes) and Fame will probably run through the summer. NBC has pulled out all the stops with this one and obviously someone has done their homework. Fame has taken the reality/talent show genre to another level. It would appear that the producers have been paying close attention and many of the complaints that people had about American Idol (too much filler and no live band, to name a couple) have been addressed. This show refines the format and the two hours were entertaining and went by quickly. Fame probably won’t capture all of the Idol audience but certainly will pull in a lot of them. It is definitely aimed at the younger viewers but even those of us beyond the demographic who enjoy music and dance could get into this. Worth a look see, I think