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Thread: Shannon Bex - Finalist

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    for someone thats getting counted out alot on predictions for winning, this post sure has alot of views as compared to the other finalists. If anything i think her Britney look and contraversy has made her more interesting then a bore like Brandon or Lauren.

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    Just curious (refering to prior post), where have you heard or seen that she is counted out, majority of what I have heard has been very supportive. I think there are tons of things to pick at on any one of them, but it comes down to talent, and I think she and Harlem are the best, regardless of her being a friend. I think that she really shined last week, because shockingly almost all performers performed very weak, for some reasons it seemed like everyone's pitch was off. We'll see what happens tonight.

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    I certainly agree that many of the performers seemed to be below par last week.
    Even with that in mind, I still think Shanon turned in a really good performance.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Well, I liked Shannon from the start. She does remind
    me of britney, but I don't hold that against her. She's one of
    the best dancers on the show, and she can sing better than
    britney anyway! As for the comments about Gary, I don't know
    about all the sex discrimination---I'm just upset that he was
    voted off tonight. He was awesome---a definate triple threat---
    way better than a lot of the people still there. But that's America
    for you!

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    Only thing I didn't like tonight (6/25) was the growl she constantly did...I get tired of it after awhile.

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    she was really "BRITNEY", the lower growling and the strained higher notes. she is quite pretty though

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    She gave a fantastic performance last week and a very good one in the Semi-Finals. However, I honestly didn't care for her performance this week. I'm sure she's very talented, but she seems to not be very consistent. She also lost points with me for her bad attitude. I don't know why she thinks she has a right to tell the judges how to judge...

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    I have to say that last nights performance was not her best and i could tell it was doomed as soon as i heard she was singing "cant fight the moonlight". That song makes anyone terrible. But i think that this perfomance wont kick her out of the competition. But next week she needs to blow everyone away or she could be voted off.

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    About her "attitude"....what "attitude"?, compared to Garry and Justin that wasnt attitude and i actually think she was right. they cut the show alot last night and i think maybe that jojo said something about her singing a slow song and she was replying to that or something but it was time for her to do a slower song, just not that song.

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    Shannon agrees that her performance last night wasn't her strongest, unfortunately and what we don't know is that they submit songs, but they have to be approved. She submitted ten and they all got disapproved and this was kind of a last draw, it's not really as much her style, and I think she did an awesome job considering. I am sure she was probably frustrated, but I know if she is permitted to come back next week she will blow the house down. Just remember there are circumstances that we don't see them go through and it's really hard to make a decision. She wants this, she wants to be discovered and I think regardless she already has been. I know it's also hard for her, because she is in L.A. and her wedding is only about a month and a half away, she hardly sees her fiance, and she still has planning to do. I think that she deserves to be looked at fairly, yeah a lot of other performers had really weak performances last week and their back, so hopefully America knows her talent enough. Anyways, thanks for the support.


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