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Thread: Shannon Bex - Finalist

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    Quote Originally Posted by IMHO

    The age thing was a lie. Interesting that he admitted it, yet still won the competition. I think that America realizes that show business (like most other businesses) discriminates based on age, so it was an understandable lie in a competitive audition with no knowledge of whether the judging would be fair and based exclusively on talent. (As stated earlier on the thread, in the most recent American Idol a man was told flat out that he was too old. Was this related to an official age requirement? If so, how did he get in to audition? This was bias, pure and simple, unrelated to the rules of the game).

    Just as a matter of interst only and not to upset anyone I thought it would be interesting to see how old all the contestants were so I went to nbc.com and checked it out.
    The average age of the final 12 contestants was 21. The next oldest person (to Harlemm) was 25. This tells me that had Harlemm given his true age at the audition he would never have made it further.

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    Sista Ulala
    OMG SHE IS ON P DIDDY Making the Band

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