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Thread: Shannon Bex - Finalist

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    I think Shannon's an amazing dancer, and not a bad singer to boot. She was my pick to win, and I'm looking forward to hearing more from her in the future.

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    Hey, being hot is kind of a talent. Plus, you know, the dancing thing...

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    Krom, you make happy

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    Shannon's a talented dancer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gina Z.
    Shannon has talent? I must've missed the memo.

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    Come on, guys - show some class.

    Side question - how is it that someone who is "banned" can still post messages?

    achilds, you're a good friend to Shannon. I'm happy for you, I know you have supported her from the start.

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    Thanks!! I am supporting Shannon not only because she is a friend, but because I see how much she has put into this, her heart, but she is truly not your typical pop star and I know that the public will see that. She may dance and sing, but she has strong values, and will never compromise those or her life/family for fame! As for the post that are classless, I shrug off, as I know Shannon will, you can't please everyone. And, I feel sorry for someone that could be so bitter about someone that they have seen for very limited periods on t.v.

    Another article just came out in the local paper here and Oregon about Shannon and there are quotes from the co-executive producer talking about Shannon , "She sings well, she dances incredibly, and she's a doll to work with, Shannon is the whole package." It goes on to talk about her experience and how backstage before they announced the winner Shannon told Harlemm that she wanted it for him, and how happy she is for him. Anyways, I look forward to the public getting to know how Shannon really is and I expect an amazing album!!!! Thanks for all the supporters, and so long to Fame.

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    I was completely entertained by Shannon's dancing and singing. I have been listening to music for nearly 60 years and while I don't know flat from splat, I know what I like.

    I am glad that Shannon was given a record deal. I have no doubt that many of the "losers" will also find that someone saw their performance and will hire them for a show or a record or something. There are thousands upon thousands of talented musician/singer/dancers who are working continually and living successfully and comfortably without being the Superstar of the World!!!

    Here's a thought. When you listen to a CD, you are hearing a "mix" of many, many attempts and tracks and it could take the performer hours to get it just right. Then it could be days before just the right blend of background singers and music are added in. Finally, the sound engineers will tweak and adjust the levels from every sound source until the final CD is ready for sale. No wonder that so many singers "lip synch" in concert. There is no way they can accurately reproduce the sound on their CD "live".

    Because of that, I feel it unfair to compare the "almost live" performances on "Fame" to the style of the song as sung by the original artist. Just my two cents worth...

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    Hey, just found a new Shannon Bex fan site:


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    If nothing pans out for her, she'll be the most popular blazer girl s

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