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Thread: Shannon Bex - Finalist

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    It was one of the judges, Johnny Wright, who started the Britney comparisons. In one of the earlier shows, didn't he say something like "she would be my new Britney?"

    That's why Johnny likes Shannon. He wants to groom her for the market and present her as a new Britney. That's why everybody picked up on the Britney comparison.

    Anyway, does the pop music world need a new Britney Spears?

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    I think she was off with her singing last night, but only by a slight bit. Her singing is usually very good. She is beautiful, but I really enjoy her dancing! I think she probably had a lot of ballet and jazz training and it shows.

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    You are right about what Johnny said about Brittney, but the comparison started before that, and I don't think he was meaning it in a bad way. I think that Brittney really did bring something different, DANCE, look at Nsync and all the others after her, not like dance hasn't been incorporated forever cause it has, it's just in alittle bit of a different way, and people look for it more now. I don't think that we need a new brittney, it would just be nice if somebody was consistent, she turned practically porn, not quite, but I am sorry Shannon will never dance with a poll, and I think that is what was being said. She is a package deal, pretty, amazing voice (who with the guidance and influence more voice training, will be even stronger), phenomenal dancer, morals, and what I see in her as star quality is her stage presence. We always say as soon as she steps on a stage to perform she commands the audience, like Jojo said he couldn't keep her eyes off of her, it's her talent. Oh, and yes her training has helped her, she does have the ballet background.

    P.s. I agree Brandon should be the only other person considered, he has the triple threat also.

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    Achilds, I like her too. The pros out there can and have changed their appearance/persona. Personally, I was disappointed to have seen how they are now dressing trampy. Where ever Shannon's career will take her, I hope she won't fall into pressure to do the same. She looks great the way she is now!

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    I agree that it sort of hypocritical for Joeys "sexy look" remark to shannon when I am sure the dressers/wardrobe people on the show have had a big part in her look..

    I think shannon remained true to herself..as much as this show allowed...without getting sleazy...some of the girls in the semi finals were TOO much with the pole and the chair JMO..

    Hair looks etc can be changed...Shannon would be great at lite rock/pop...what a dancer..

    it has been a LOT of years since they had dancers like Cyd Charise or the gal who was in saturday nite fever and some other musicals...I have seen some of the older musicals...shannon could star in them..

    also think of chicago...oscar winning...how bout a REAL dancer like shannon in a movie?? oh yes JMO

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    Yes, and she is quite the little actor/drama girl, she's good at it, she's never done anything for real, but who knows about the future. I agree about the transformation of artists, it's very unfortunate, but I know that Shannon will fight to keep her morals know in her actions. It's too bad how our society upholds SEX so much, but she is one to not fall into that, even in dancing for the NBA she has kept her image to match her morals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by achilds
    We always say as soon as she steps on a stage to perform she commands the audience, like Jojo said he couldn't keep her eyes off of her, it's her talent.
    Most of what you said was relatively straight-up, but don't fool yourself on this. JoJo was as likely looking at her legs--or maybe her ass--as her talent. He's not the best place to go for analysis, or even sense, so use a filter with him. Shannon is drop-dead gorgeous, and that's ALWAYS going to be a reason why people are looking so closely.

    Johnny Wright is the one to look towards here. Other than his inexplicable comments about Serena's consistency (uh-uh) he usually makes good sense. Shannon is marketable. The fact that she's pretty good as a singer (under controlled specific circumstances--in other words the right songs) and unbeatable as a dancer are just gravy.

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    Shannon was great!!!

    Shannon was great last night and I still think she should win!!!
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    Shannon's awesome. she's an amazing performer and a phenominal dancer. that girl can dance like it's nobody's business.

    she has the voice, the looks and the talent.

    the true triple threat!!!


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    Did they show Shannon last night that she has an asian bf ?

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