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Thread: Shannon Bex - Finalist

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    Shannon's Taletn

    I just wanted to air my feelings on Shannon's performances on FAME and her talents. She has had some bad "press" on the web, and that is something that can really bring down a performers esteem.

    Shannon- this contest is about the triple threat; stage presence, dancing, and vocals. By far you have shown that you have outstanding talent in all 3 areas. You grab attention in a group and alone, and you always have a vocal performance that while at times is called "lacking stamina", never seems out of reach for your amazing talents. You incorporate dancing into your performances effortlessly.

    It seems that the guest judges and a lot of america has forgotten that dancing and stage presence are a part of this competition, with the majority of attention lately being paid to the vocal talents of the competitors. Shannon and Harlemm are the two performers left in this competition that have consistently shown natural grace and talent in incorporating all of the aspects of the triple threat. Whether or not they make it as the FAME winner, they are winners in the minds of a lot of new fans across the world who will look forward to their undoubtedly inevitable rise to stardom.

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    NBC if you are watching , and I know you are You Lil devils .

    Please give this kid a break and let her sing her song choice and costume her like you do Moy . ( she gets the best duds for some reason).

    I don't think any of us want a forum thats all gush or all negative. Somewhere in the middle is great...

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    I also like Shannon, I think she is really good and she is my favourite.

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    Yeah Shannon was back this week. I thought her performance kicked!!! Best of the show IMO. As much as I adore Harlemm, I really think Shannon has more talent. She's my #1 pick at the moment. Great job. She's had 2 awesome performances so far. I hope she sticks around next week.
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    Shannon kicked ass tonight. I don't think she's more talented than Harlemm, but in her own right she is definitely an incredible performer. Her "star quality" or "personality" (or whatever they're calling it this week) is excellent every time. She takes over each song that she sings, showing lots of charisma. Dancing, excellent, top-level all the time. Her vocals are the only area that she can improve upon. Lesser talents have become superstars.

    She could benefit from training in vocals, and I'm not talking about being tired at the end of a song - everyone has to work on that at first. Her vocal control seems to be lacking in the sense that she resorts to what people are calling her "growl" a WHOLE lot. It's one thing to use it, and it can be effective, but it's another thing to fall into it often because you don't have full control.

    Still, tonight's "Fighter" and two weeks ago's "Proud Mary" are two of the best performances of the entire competition.

    These are the triple threats from where I sit - those who don't both sing AND dance at least very well are not included:

    Harlemm (true threat on all levels),
    Brandon (true threat in vocals and dance, strong presence),
    Shannon (true threat in dance and presence, strong vocals),
    Allison (true threat in dance, true threat in vocals depending on song type, strong presence)
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    I thought Shannon was very "Britney" tonight.
    She's probably been dancing that way for years, but it's very reminiscent of the way Britney dances to me.
    That's not to say she didn't do very well because I think she did, but for me it's not very original.
    She did a very good job though imo.
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    Shannon rocked!!!!!!! Wow, she is awesome, she always commands attention when she is on the stage. I hate how they tortured her and Brandon, come on...... She is the only one that entertains me, I can see her touring and it being awesome!!! I hope that next week they have a better group number, Shannon definitely stuck out to me, but I think that who ever is choreographing needs to be more creative and definitely do more solos. I can't wait for next week.

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    on wedesday i thought that shannen was really good!!!she perfomed frighted by christina aguilera!!so thatz was cool=]she did soo good!!that was my fave perfomance ever!!!

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    i voted 4 shannon like on the phone on my cell phone!!!!she should win fame!!!!!!!!

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    Once again Shannon proved that she is the best triple threat on the show. She was definatily the best dancer and vocally I think that she was in the top 3. Go Shannon you were $$$$$

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