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Thread: Shannon Bex - Finalist

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    Why was Shannon made to sing a song? It seems that they should be able to choose songs that make them sound good, not bad. It was clear as a bell she couldn't sing that number. Both of her other choices were fast and she moved around and flicked her hair to distract from the singing. This was bad but the judges love her.

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    Shannon definitely has the potential to win and I see nothing but sweetness in her. Insofar as the "sl--" label, give me a break!
    Those girls are dressed by the stylists hired by the producers and HELLO all we see on MTV and VH1 are booties-a-shakin' and with much less on them...
    Nuff said, leave the girl be and let her show her stuff!

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    I agree. She really seems like a nice person, but she definitely has to bring her next number back to the leve of her tina turner one. she was dressed very classy last week, all the girls looked beautiful and different from each other.

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    Originally posted by achilds
    Lastly, it is ridiculous that SOME people are saying she had attitude, I am not trying to attack anyone, except for the people who said they knew what she said and it was completely wrong.

    OK, Amy, listen. You have to realize that, as her friend, you are biased. I am completely unbiased, and I think her comment to the judges came off as disrespectful. I respect your right to disagree, but respect ours as well, OK?

    I'm sure Garry has friends who could defend him and talk about how wonderful he is, but they can't keep the rest of America from voting based on WHAT THEY SEE ON THE SHOW. Just looking at the words she spoke does not convey the somewhat defensive tone in which she said them. Feel free to watch the tape again to see whether you can find it in you to see it from someone else's perspective, someone who does not know her as well as you do.

    Please don't insult us by suggesting that no one with any sense could possibly have seen what many of us seem to have seen. Again, we are the unbiased ones. In our defense, it has been noted that it did seem unusual for her. She's clearly immensely talented, and maybe those who did feel the remark was uncool will give her a break and assume it was nerves since it's the first time something like that has come off that way from her.

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    Well I'm glad I saw Shannon last week because based on this week I would think she had no talent. She was off-key a lot of the time and I just was not impressed with her delivery.

    However I can't believe they make the kids wait and call them one-by-one giving them about 3 seconds to get ready to perform. I think that really hurts.

    I like Shannon and I hope she steps it up next week.
    Spay and Neuter your Pets!

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    Picture of Shannon

    Here is scrren cap of Shannon from last week's show.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Im not one of Shannon's friends like achilds but I think you guys are coming off as stuckup know it alls for saying so much crap about her and then using your "just my opinion" cop out. None of you are on the show and have no right to judge her, i think that's what the "judges" are for and yeah i know iv said crap about Jamesin in other threads, but now i realize how bad it makes people look and i probably wont go it again. I hope Shannon makes it now, not just because of her amazing talent, but out of spite for anyone that thinks they can judge her.

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    TOCtenor, we are allowed to say whatever we want about contestants on this site. If you don't like that rule, you won't like it around here.

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    Please, don't cause the cowbaby any stress.

    John, I have no idea HOW you do it. Do you everrrrrr get to sleep??? Lordy.

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    When I first saw Shannon I thought oh no, Britney is here... I am past that now cause I don't see Britney at all.... Shannon is definitely very very talented.... I don't think she needs anyone to defend her every other post at times.... in fact I think that takes away from her because people who watch the show will form their own opinions...it just goes with this type of show or competition... only Shannon can sway the audience's vote... I think she is muti-talented with a good chance of being 2nd or maybe even first.... who knows.... Harlem is just going to be very very tough to beat in my opinion

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